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We have lakes, rivers streams and reservoirs where I live that you can fish pretty much year round. But April 1st starts the season on a particular stretch of a local river where I go and it is just warm enough to venture out on this fine spring day. I am not a fan of fishing in very cold weather. Ice Fishing for me is like The Mile High Club, I am sure those engaging in such pursuits are having fun, but it seems a lot of trouble for something you could more easily enjoy elsewhere.

As a boy I used to go fishing with my friends (friends are God’s apology for relatives one wit once said). I would describe my interest as somewhere between Hemingway and Ahab. Fishermen pride themselves that when Jesus sought help he went and got fishermen from the docks. “Come, I will make you fishers of men”, he said….However, before anyone fishing gets too self-satisfied, Our Lord also associated with prostitutes, lepers and tax collectors.

My own kids are just old enough to accompany me and that often makes the day. In our Mayberry walk down the country lane we’ll shoulder our poles and head to the woods where a river runs through it. They are too young to stay more than an hour or two but at least it will give them memories later in life of their Old Man River (he keeps on drinking along….). But I also go by myself, just me, the river and the sunbeams piercing through the tree branches.

Anglers have their daily limit depending on the fish. We’ve got Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Yellow Perch, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, Bullhead, Rainbow Trout, Carp and allegedly landlocked salmon (I never caught one). I am generally a catch and release (sounds like the motto of the British Judiciary) fisherman. But there is also the great feeling of eating a fish you’ve caught cleaned and cooked yourself.

So I wish you all a fine day and I am off for one myself.

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20 thoughts on “Whan that Aprill – The FishingTales

  1. I’m generally too restless to enjoy fishing, but recognise the hold it has on many people. The magical sound and capriciousness of water have a lot to do with it, I suppose.

    As kids we used to spend the whole summer holidays “messing about on the river” near my grandparents’ house in Cavan, and my brother, who now lives in Australia, says that the one memory from Ireland that haunts him day and night are those halcyon days in the mild sun, digging up worms, rigging up some kind of tackle and then waiting for a fish to bite…and waiting…and waiting…

  2. generally a catch and release (sounds like the motto of the British Judiciary) fisherman

    Ain’t that the truth!

  3. Pete – A Free Public Access Permit from New York City (for the reservoir system) and a $29.00 New York State Fishing license. Course you can fish in the Atlantic without a license for saltwater fish (and certain tidal river areas) but that is a drive not a walk.

  4. The Satanic government uses these funds to fund conservation and anti pollution measures.

    Which is why sportsmen have no problem with licensing.

  5. Nothing says “Land of the Free” like the state requiring that citizens have official permission to go fishing.

  6. I know, I fished for many years. All anglers with brains know we’re a communist state.

  7. Please, bitching about the small amount of money charged for adult fishing licenses is shortsighted and petty. In my state these nominal fees fund game & fishery wardens who make sure the estuaries and rivers aren’t overfished, resulting in a healthy fish population that can perpetuate itself and continues to give good a catch by all anglers.

    It’s a reasonable conservation measure to protect our wildlife populations while allowing nearly everyone with a few bucks in their pocket to enjoy nature’s fruits.

  8. Pete, you live in an overcrowded country inundated by third world foreigners who tend to breed like rabbits.
    Why in the hell would you give these poor, hungry immigrants free reign to fish your English rivers dry?

  9. “Please, bitching about the small amount of money charged for adult fishing licenses is shortsighted and petty”

    She says. Best hand over however much the governent demands before you can go fishing. Anything else would be to bitch about it.

  10. Daphne –

    Millions of Third World foreigners CAN fish our rivers dry, so long as they hand some cash to the government first.

  11. The fishermen and hunters here generally like the system, which benefits the sports that they love

    Do you have any real problems to worry about?

  12. Pete – you paid more money for an Irish Passport so you could hide if any mean Arabs take over your airplane. If all Brits had your courage you’d be speaking German (though given you racial theories, maybe that wouldn’t be unwelcome to you).

  13. Pete, are you telling me that our public waterways don’t need general oversight? That they should be left completely unchecked for over-fishing, industrial pollutants or greedy commercial interests?

    Really, let the free market reign while rampant escalation of third world populations self-regulate themselves to only take what the river can sustain? Your first world people can’t even refrain from polluting their own neighborhoods with piles of unsightly trash, what makes you think they or your bucket load of third world immigrants would care about maintaining the health of your rivers and native fisheries if it were free to all comers?

    And don’t give me that fantasy cloud of it should all be private property, that’s not the world we actually live in.

    Most people don’t tend to behave well when things come without cost, this small fee tends to benefit the more responsible members of society.

    The places we love and cherish in our wilderness environments are being maintained and preserved by these nominal charges and I find it odd that you would advocate for something so precious to be completely unregulated in this day and age.

  14. Our friend wants everything to be owned by individuals or by corporations.

    The rivers, lakes, and roads would be owned by a few rich people or by corporates who could charge ten times more than any govt would, or they could deny access if they chose to.

    His views are in line with much of libertarianism, which, the more you look into it, is more od a ponzi scheme than anything that Bernie Madoff ever thought of. The intellectual ” numbers ” don’t add up, even in theory.

    This movement is not long for this world. It doesn’t make sense.

  15. Hunting and fishing for all is hunting and fishing for none – an old Irish truism.

  16. I know Daphne; without government, who will build the rivers?

    What do you mean, they need government oversight? How long do you think they’ve been there, doing perfectly well without it? Don’t tell me, I know, nothing says “they hate us for our freedoms” like having to pay the government for permission to fish a river.

    In case you haven’t noticed, the guardians of our precious wild places are desperate to cover them with turbines. Well, those wild places which the government doesn’t bomb and strafe daily.

    No, I’m not saying there should be no regulation. Free markets and property rights have their own natural regulatory order.

  17. Most rivers already have property rights. They belong to all of us. And that won’t change.

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