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Just for a change, a truthful totally-unbiased briefing note from a senior BBC Management personality.


I really liked the bit about Rolf Harris, but you won’t see any explanation except on Guido’s pages.



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37 thoughts on “and Nation shall speak….etc.

  1. Pete M

    Pete Moore, on April 12th, 2013 at 3:33 PM Said:
    I don’t pay for it.

    Not a penny.

    I admire you for that stance, but how do you getaway with it without the BBC Leftist organisation sending around the heavies in the form of ‘Bailiffs’ to collect by force their cash?

    I always thought that even if you just had a TV and did not even watch the BBC Lefty drivel and refused to pay them .. it’s off to prison at HMP

  2. Harri –

    They don’t send anyone. Simply stop paying, ignore the letters, nothing will happen. I get a letter every few months. I don’t even open it. It’s straight to the shredder.

    They want easy cash, not lawyer’s fees.

  3. Pete is a BBC squatter/welfare scrounger. He enjoys the roof and 4 walls but someone else does the paying !

  4. Colm

    What about if he doesn’t watch BBC?

    Or are the BBC assuming if you can receive a signal you simply must be watching all that bias Lefty drivel.

  5. //What about if he doesn’t watch BBC?//

    It seems that over the past few days at least he has been watching little else.

  6. I didn’t ask the BBC to broadcast into my home.

    Good point, I am sure that if SKY bought out a new channel run by lefties and I had the choice to pay extra for it .. I wouldn’t 😉

    But then again, I have a signal forced on me, and still have to pay for it, they must have the digital technology to at the very least to give that option to say ‘thanks but no thanks’

  7. ‘I didn’t ask the BBC to broadcast into my home.’

    i know how you feel

    i didnt ask the council to collect my wheelie bin and i didnt ask them to lay a pavement between my door and the corner shop

    i thought about not using either of them as a form of protest

    what do you think

  8. I think you should be free to decide who takes away your rubbish, and that roads, canals, railways, bridges etc were all conceived and built by private actors before government got in the way.

    Really, government did not invent roads. Neither did it lay the pavement outside your home.

  9. i asked one of my grandsons to take away my rubbish but he used rude language

    so it wasnt the government who laid the pavement

    i thought so, they looked like anarchists to me and there language was worse than my grandsons

  10. Littlejohn is a contemptible rightist jerk. Recently he targeted a transgender teacher for one of his bigoted rants who was then door-stepped by the gutter press and driven to suicide.

  11. i didn’t ask them to build a slammer either colm

    if you want pete there then your welcome to pay for his board and keep

  12. In the libertarian afterlife, every person will own his own dual carriageway into London.

  13. i didnt ask the council to collect my wheelie bin

    I know how you feel, I did not even ask the Council for a wheelie bin .. and now I have seven of them 😉

  14. ‘In the libertarian afterlife, every person will own his own dual carriageway into London.’

    and his own reservoir full of water for bathing and brewing tea

  15. Just like we all have our own personal department stores, coffee shops and airliners now.

    Oh no we don’t, private operators want us to use theirs.

  16. Colm, on April 12th, 2013 at 8:57 PM Said:
    I want a state funeral when I die !

    Just don’t go for the cremation Colm, it will take them six weeks to put out the fire 😉

    Hic !

  17. It’s a lot easier to have competition among department stores than there is among highways into London.

    Even the private roads that exist – not a bad idea – are nearly always done in a deal with the government of some kind.

    Even in ancient days, the roads and bridges were very often government built, or the road was a commons.

    Not sure what possible advantage there would ever be in selling off all public roads to zillions of uncoordinated private guys, but I guess it makes for fun conversations for some.

  18. Phantom

    The turnpike roads built in the 1700s in England were all privately funded and dramatically improved journey times.

  19. “It’s a lot easier to have competition among department stores than there is among highways into London.”

    Exactly so. Without competition talk of a market in roads, or anything, is meaningless. Imagine what competition in roads would look like, and how regulated it would have to be.

    It couldn’t magically arrange itself like provision of things that are less physically constrained – for example it’s far from obvious how you could (or would want to) have even as much as a Pepsi motorway and a Coke motorway, or how everyone could have three independently owned roads to choose from at the end of their driveways or even the road they live on.

    It’s also clear that if someone owns the road you live on or even a key road near your house, they’ll soon own your house. They could just keeping charging you to use it until you go bankrupt. It’s not like somebody can swoop in and build another road beside it or on top of it.

    That’s probably why pretty much every developed nation on the planet has solved the issue by having a large public element and regulation in the provision of roads, while things like supermarkets tend to be privately owned.

  20. Would it kill Pete to ever admit that some things are best done or managed or at least overseen by government ?

  21. Phantom –

    I’m going for a bike ride on the oldest known road in Europe. It existed for 6000 before government did in Britain. Eminent domain? What do you think many of those curves in country roads are about?

    Those ancient roads and bridges which government built were military roads, like the US interstate system. They weren’t built for you. They were built for the government’s army, and you’ll be cleared off them when the army wants them back.

    Private roads might well help to direct capital to where it’s most required too (no government roads to nowhere in a free market), and so aid growth: At the same time [17th and 18th centuries], the British were making major gains in land and water transport. New turnpike roads and canals, intended primarily to serve industry and mining, opened the way to valuable resources, linked production to markets, facilitated the division of labor. Other European countries were trying to do the same, but nowhere were these improvements so widespread and effective as in Britain. For a simple reason: nowhere else were roads and canals typically the work of private enterprise, hence responsive to need (rather than to prestige and military concerns) and profitable to users…. These roads (and canals) hastened growth and specialization.”

    Frank O’Dwyer –

    Who’s mentioned competition? You can no more have competition between the M25 and M6 than between tube lines. I talked of private ownership (which the implication of pricing, if owners want to try it). At the moment we have commie ownership and pricing with entry free at the point of delivery. It’s still pricing (taxes, road licence, repairs after government potholes have wrecked your wheel), and it’s a pricing model which subsidises the wealthy.

    Colm –

    Why why I admit to something I don’t believe? The gentleman is not for turning.

  22. Militant adherence to otherworldly theory is not helpful.

    100 pct private roads has never been the system anywhere. It would be a paradise of monopoly expoitation esp in congested areas, as Frank says. There is no reason to think that all roads in a big area like the UK or USA would use the same coordinated toll systems. In the complete absence of regulation, Pete’s road could offer one trucking company an exclusive right to use it, in exchange for a fee, while denying the road to their competitors.

    The idea is so completely silly it is impossible to take it seriously. It is Libertarian Angels Dancing on a Pin Bullshit, like 90 pct of the rest of Libertarian cant and nonsense.

  23. “There is no reason to think that all roads in a big area like the UK or USA would use the same coordinated toll systems.”

    Yes, that’s a bugger having to pay with cash in Tesco, silver in the BP garage, with groats at the florist …

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