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One thing that everyone comes here has in common is a love of reading. If we didn’t share this then why bother reading what is written in these pages everyday? With that in mind, I was pleased to read that..

Just two days before her funeral, plans for the Margaret Thatcher Library, which would be built at an as yet undecided central London location, are understood to have attracted the backing of at least three Cabinet ministers. The library, museum and training centre would be a permanent memorial to the former Prime Minister and would aim to be a base to shape Conservative politics.

The library would plan to run courses to educate the next generation of politicians in her core beliefs of low taxation, support for the individual over the state and the primacy of the free market. It is understood the library would be based on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in California. The plans were mooted before Baroness Thatcher’s death and she gave them her tacit approval in a letter she wrote in 2011. It read: “I am extremely interested in the proposals to emulate what is being done in America here in Britain.”

It should be backed by ALL the cabinet Ministers and by every member of the party she served and led so ably. An educated mind is the one thing that Statists fear so in the interests of freedom and future liberty the more we read the stronger we will be. I do hope this Library happens.

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One thought on “A FITTING MEMORIAL

  1. It is too late here in the US but if you Brits can save yourselves from these “Libraries” my advice is to do so at once. They have become a mandatory insane coda to our Presidents time in office.

    Get her a statute, a bridge or something of that sort.

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