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Terribly sorry to have to point out that this idea, mate, is quite simply illegal, would cost huge amounts of cash, and in addition would bring more hordes of staggering, drooling clowns on to the needle-strewn streets of Brighton!

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5 thoughts on “D’ohhhhh!

  1. Two posts! – one that – as David said, – makes you proud to be British. The other makes you wonder what sort of madhouse Britain has become these days.

    I’m sure it is pure coincidence that the two were posted so closely together, but it does rather accentuate the extremely wide differences in our modern society.

    The one showing that we are still a society that can respect and embrace traditions, with a fondness for normality.

    The Brighton post shows just how wide the gap between ‘normal and abnormal’ really is. Surely I am not the only one to wonder at the ‘how and why’ for the difference.

    Do the folk who deal with addicts on a daily basis really think that their idea is the best way to help them? – or is it just another attempt on the road to legalising the addiction to drugs?

    If history gives us a guide to such a liberalistion of use then perhaps they should take time to read of the havoc the provision of such facilities caused in China early in the 18th and 19th century. The were called ‘opium dens’, back then, and the drugs were supplied by – who else, but Europeans, ‘surprise, surprise!’ – mainly the British owned and run, East India Company.

    In the end it all ended badly with two major wars and and the only practical answer to the addiction being a total ban on its recreational use.

    You can read all about it in –


    The Chinese seem to have found at least a partial answer to drug addiction, dealing with it in the harshest possible manner, but even so, it still seems to reoccur over time. What is for sure – the softly , softly approach doesn’t seem to be very effective, does it?

    Knowing how destructive its use is, – why do they indulge? – it just has to be some sort of inner despair, or perhaps a lack of hope in their future. Whatever it is, it’s a very sad aspect of society.

  2. Reckon these guys would have taken advantage of Rehab?


    I think not.
    I remember back in the ’60s in Kowloon there were shacks and shacks built on top of each other housing opium addicts. It’s best to never start in the first place, but once you’re addicted, is the success rate for coming off drugs equal to the costs both socially and for rehabilitation?

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