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As parts of Massachusetts fall under full police state occupation, as the peons are told to stay at home and businesses stay closed …


 … Dunkin’ Donuts is given immunity from the lockdown.

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88 thoughts on “YOU CANNOT MAKE IT UP

  1. It isn’t under occupation, there is a dragnet on for a dangerous armed killer who apparently has firearms and has used explosives. One police officer has already lost his life over this, and another seriously wounded.

  2. Pete

    Perhaps you could write a post in honor of the murdered police officer, and of the other officer who was very badly injured.

  3. there is no occupation, Pete. They’re looking for a dangerous terrorist and advise people to stay inside. If you’re at work you can go home. If you’re an idiot, you can go walk the streets.

  4. Patty –

    10,000+ personnel, many of them police-paramilitaries with scores of armoured vehicles, have been in hot pursuit of a 19 year old for some 20 hours now, in a defined area, after a gun fight and car chase. And they have no idea where he is now. I’m listening to the Boston PD radio. They have no idea where he is.

    If your nose isn’t twitching at the idea that something bigger might be afoot then it never will be. And look at those paramilitary uniforms above. Since when does a civilian police force wear military fatigues in disruptive pattern camouflage? These people are not employed to protect you.

  5. Pete

    It’s just the usual headless chicken syndrome, but understandable. An officer has been murdered and the suspect has slipped the net.

    As I never tire of saying, when faced with a choice between cockup and conspiracy, bet on cockup every time and you will be well ahead.

  6. Boston’s Police Department is probably around 2000 cops. While it has no doubt been supplemented with State Police and FBI Agents in this manhunt the numbers and the activity isn’t what Pete is pretending.

    Most police departments have SWAT teams, bomb squads and other specialists who are more equipped than the average patrolman because of what they have to deal with in these troubled times.

    They want to get him now (and we the sane want them to get him now) before he bombs anyone else.

  7. nose not twitching. sorry, Pete.

    I think they’re out in force for many reasons – I think Obama’s in his situation room as well – looking for one 19 year old – but if they weren’t they probably fear that they’ll be accused of not doing something etc.

    remember Benghazi? The Administration didn’t do anything for days – so of course the bureaucracies are in over drive “doing something.”

    but that doesn’t mean it’s a police state. as you point out, donuts are still being sold!

    When they arrest a youtube video producer and toss him in jail for a propation violation then my nose will twitch.

  8. Mahons – when you write “get him now”, do you want him shot i.e. the 19-year-old medical student? As for these two being the bombers, is there any evidence?

  9. Allan – I would prefer they capture him alive (in which case you’ll then claim it isn’t the same guy as in the pictures, or isn’t the other guy’s brother or some asinine thing along those lines). As for the evidence, you wouldn’t accept it anyway so why bother asking?

  10. By the way, I’ll say it again (for the benefit of those who don’t work in Goldman Sachs’ business continuity department).

    Be like a nutty prepper and stock up on food, water, medicines, toiletries and whatever else you need, enough to keep you going for at least a week indoors. We have a list here.

    Right now a few million people in Mass. haven’t been out of doors for hours, the weekend’s here and there’s no sign on the chatter of this thing coming to an end soon.

  11. Pete

    Life will be back to normal very soon, no need for the survivalist stuff, trust me on this.

  12. Peter –

    I said a week indoors, what’s survivalist about that?

    Right now there are alot of people in Mass. looking at dwindling prescription drugs, an empty fridge, a Friday night without a bottle of plonk and some are gasping for a fag. This can happen anywhere at anytime.

    Having backup supplies of essentials is just common sense.

  13. Most everyone would have at least a week’s supplies in any event, without preparation.

    Or two.

    It would be hard not to have a week’s worth of food in the house. Wouldn’t everyone here have that much?

  14. It is always a good idea to have back up supplies in case of storms, power outages and a bomber running lose throughout your City.

    In any event, if he runs into Southie they’ll rip him apart for causing any liquor store to close.

  15. a week indoors, what’s survivalist about that?

    Pete, have you ever done that? The most I’ve ever spent indoors is about two days, including illness.

  16. It is always a good idea to have back up supplies in case of storms, power outages

    Mahons, yes we have candles and oil lamps. And we are close to several streams.

  17. Mahons – is it the rucksacks which seal the perps’ guilt for you? Is that your evidence which I won’t look at?

  18. Peter –

    I once did a day and a half before going out to a supermarket just to see other people. Much longer and I’d have got cabin fever.

    But what when disaster strikes? Like Hurricane Sandy?

    Or when the feds tell you to stay indoors because a teenager is giving them the runaround?

    The situation in Mass. is how I described it for many people, and you can either have the essentials and a few luxuries or you’re stuffed.

  19. Oh stop hyperventilating Pete. The situation in Boston is not going to result in thousands of people starving to death because they can’t leave their homes for weeks on end. I do think the ‘lockdown’ of the whole city is a tad overkill but I doubt if anyone is going to become malnourished due to the situation.

  20. Allan – No. I was convinced by the way they wore their hats.

    Pete – There are loads of teenagers in Boston every day. This one has been involved in bombing that killed people as well as a shootout. The sensible thing is for people not to get killed while he is at large in the area. They’ll go back to normal once they get him.

  21. I’ll cautiously agree that something does seem a little odd about what’s going on in Boston right now. The scale of the manhunt is (as far as I know, correct me otherwise) unprecedented, to put it very mildly. Out of all proportion to the scale of the threat.

    I never usually visit those “alternative media” websites, but I took a quick look at a link posted on the other thread. The trouble is, that it’s too easy to read and agree with these ‘conspiracy’ analyses after the facts, because the brain has a tendency to ‘see what it wants to see’. (You know that *something doesn’t quite add up* about a sequence of events, so you’re looking for the explanation. So as soon as you read an article which says “this is the big secret behind it, folks”, you’ll be naturally overinclined to think “A-ha! See, I knew it all along”).
    So for the moment, I’m not willing to be completely influenced by either the MSM nor the alt-M. I prefer to simply look at what is known right now, and try and make small guesses or deductions, if possible. I didn’t do too badly back on Monday as it turns out (two suspects – check) so here’s what I’m thinking now:
    If, after this lockdown is over, it turns out that there was widespread disruption to cellphone signals in the area, and that many businesses and public places had their CCTVs switched off, or footage confiscated, then that will deepen my vague suspicion that there’s more than meets the eye to what’s going on this evening. (It would have to be fairly widely reported, not just a few isolated incidents mind, as there’s bound to be the odd bit of disruption/confusion).

  22. Pete – the inhabitants of certain areas of Boston are being locked down in order to prevent them taking photographs or seeing how their ‘state-security’ apparatus works in attempting to kill a 19-year-old Chechen. They sure don’t want him alive.

  23. They sure don’t want him alive.

    Wrong. They will want to show how civilised US justice is compared to (say) Russian justice, and also to nail in court the motive and preparation for the crime, assuming he is guilty.

    You seem to think it was the CIA that caused the bomb, no?

  24. Allan – One wore his baseball hat forward, the other backward. That is a clear signal that they are guilty. Also I understand Al Cowlings has offered to drive the surviving brother around.

  25. So if they kill him it is their plan, if they let him live it is also their plan. How about if they render him a Zombie, a living dead person. Isn’t that what they are really going to do!!!

  26. Colm –

    “I do think the ‘lockdown’ of the whole city is a tad overkill but I doubt if anyone is going to become malnourished due to the situation.”

    Have you any idea how many students there are in and around Boston? Thousands are already malnourished, diseased and staring at empty fridges.

  27. Mahons – as I’ve written several times on threads which you have visited, I reckon that the ‘authorities’ want the 19-year-old dead.

    So for an American lawyer, the manner of wearing one’s hat determines guilt or innocence?

  28. I’m still reeling from the fact (if it is fact) that the bombs were detonated via crude timing devices – basic kitchen egg-timers, so I’ve read. Even given that there were two suspects, which we now know, that still means that the operation must have been meticulously timed out and planned. There has to have been some sort of trial run, although perhaps not involving the suspects. I wonder if that will surface on cctv?

  29. If you’re listening to Boston PD than you know that they’ve told people they can go out but to be vigilant.

  30. The lockdown is lifted. The Boston PD chatter is downbeat, they have no idea where Tsarnaev is.

    Maybe some more camo and MRAPs are needed.

  31. LOL, I’m not suggesting a dry run where things get blown up, Phantom. I mean a timing practise, to see how long you’ve got from the moment you set an imaginary timer, to walk to a certain point on that street, toss a McDonalds carton onto the ground perhaps, and test how far you can get away from it in the remaining time available. Given that they used ordinary kitchen timers, they wouldn’t have a lot of time between setting the timer and detonation. They would need to know that they had, say, 2 mins 15 sec to plant the device and another 3 mins 45 sec to get away.

  32. Phantom

    It was the CIA wot done it, dontcha geddit? It’s so obvious whenyacometothinkabboudit! Only a liberal dimwit could miss it.

  33. Oh look – more coincidence!

    This is only a drill…

    North Hills Hospital is proud to be hosting one of the largest emergency preparedness drills ever held in the state of Texas this week. We will be partnering with the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council (NCTTRAC) and first responders from throughout North Texas to test our equipment and processes so that when a real disaster happens, we’re all ready to respond.

    and here’s the coincidence:

    Update on the drill (posted 4/18): Due to the events in West, Texas last night, North Hills Hospital and the NCTTRAC have chosen to cancel today’s emergency preparedness drill. Many of the same resources planned for the drill have already deployed to West to help care for the victims down there.

    Well, there was a missile strike and many people were killed and wounded.

  34. I think that there have been books written about these people.

    What a way to live.

    I may have to read this one of these days

  35. I’m just trying to explain what doesn’t quite make sense to me about this attack.
    Your usual radicalised jihadist is almost always a suicide bomber. There’s no need to plan out the whole logistics of remote detonation, nor timing devices, because the concept of reward in paradise is all part and parcel of the training. Hence, they use the very simple option of self-detonation. They pull a cord, press a button, and whoomph. No, these two bombers were not very much sold on the concept of martyrdom, it seems. That’s what I find problematic in this case, because when it comes to one’s own earthly life, there’s no in-between position: You’re either a fully-fledged jihadist who loves death and paradise more than life, or else you value your own life highly. The bombers would not have merely thought “Oh well, we’ll use kitchen timers – it’s very risky, we’ll have to time this thing perfectly if we are to survive, but what the heck, if we die we die”. Do you see my point? That’s what is odd about this attack: The bombers wanted to survive, yet they seemingly chose a very risky way of carrying out the attack. The devices were crude, yet the planning had to be meticulous for them to get away. That seems odd.

  36. Who says that they’re all going to be the same?

    Muslim suicide bombing is a somewhat new thing. It actually goes against the Koranic prohibition against suicide.

    These guys are somewhat Americanized, they’re not originally from an Arab country or from Afhanistan, they’re not even from a land that has any conflict with America. They’re not necessarily going to do the same thing that other killers from other lands do.

    A jihadist who does this can survive to do it more than once. He – and its nearly always a he – can be a more prolific murderer.

  37. That is certainly a possibility, Phantom. I don’t discount it, and indeed, no two people think exactly the same, so it’s possible that their motives don’t fit with previous examples.
    But, if they wanted to carry out an atrocity without being identified or chased after (so that they would be free to carry out another attack later), then the Boston Marathon was an insane choice – at least, insane using their method (carry the bombs in broad daylight through crowds, using short timers). CCTV everywhere, crowds to navigate through…utterly insane.

  38. shots were just fired…report of a man hiding in a boat up on blocks in someone’s yards…

  39. Colm –

    “What is this missile strike that Allan keeps going on about ?”

    Did you hear about the explosion in Texas a couple of days ago?

  40. Colm,

    “What is this missile strike that Allan keeps going on about ?”

    Presumably the fertiliser plant explosion.

    Allan has decided it was a missile strike.

  41. Tom

    It’s amazing how bad guys will -know- that they’re being monitored. Mafia guys know that their lines are tapped, yet they can’t shut up on the phone.

    These guys may not have realized the extent of camera surveillance in an area like that. I think that most people don’t realize it. Even if they do, they may not realize how sophisticated they are.

    I heard NYPD head Ray Kelly speak very recently about the cameras here on Charlie Rose show. He said that he can ask for a readout of say a man in a red shirt on a given corner and he can quickly get it. Just punch the variable in, and presto. Most folks do not know that. And I wish Kelly ( a great cop ) had kept quiet about this feature.

  42. So Frank – missile strike? It’s just as well that the biggest hospital in the area was manned up for a drill which, by sheer phantomian coincidence, went live.

  43. A piece of amateur video footage, shot presumably at 30 frames per sec, on which the initial flash of a huge explosion appears on the left side of frame #1 before it appears on frame #2, is not of a sufficiently high frame rate to support the theory that it was a missile strike. You get funny effects on VT cameras even when filming stage explosions. I think the effect seen there is merely electromagnetic camera flash.

  44. No, actually I got that wrong there. It’s not camera-flash, scrub what I just said, sorry.

  45. …But I still don’t think it’s a missile, Allan. I think the sound is too soon, you wouldn’t hear its sound until a good few frames afterwards, I think…although I’m no expert.

  46. Why would the US state fire a missile into that ammonia plant, Allan? Who stands to benefit and why, and who stands to lose? What would be the agenda? How would such a missile be delivered – from a plane, or from a ground launch? Wouldn’t such a launch, or a plane, be observed? Wouldn’t someone have seen/heard the plane, or the missile, prior to its detonation?

  47. Tom Tyler –

    There’s a link on the screen of the video Allan posted to a JDAM attack. The point being made is that the sound is the same.

  48. He may or may not be (I’ll make my own mind up, thanks) but he seems to stay polite on here, which is more than I can say for you, Mahons. It’s a quality I would look for, if ever I required a legal advocate in a courtroom.

  49. Tom – A polite racist Holocaust denier. Why don’t you hire one of those if you ever need representation?

  50. Tom – I would assume that the ammonia plant is insured so it’s not a lose-lose situation. The twin towers were insured and there was definitely a $7 billion winner there, by way of example.

  51. Whooah…OK, Why don’t you retract your statement that Allan is a “gobshite”, and in return I’ll retract my insinuation (which I don’t honestly believe anyway) that you are anything less than a 100% great and integrity-filled lawyer. Let’s both step back. I got annoyed. Allan may or may not be wrong in some of his more lively assertions. And you are a trustworthy advocate. That’s what I believe.

  52. Anyway, I’m following this live feed from Boston….gunfire…shooting…confusion. What the hell is going on? “Suspect 2 is in custody” says the newsreader.

  53. It is amazing the way that every single major event that crops up in the news is actually a conspiracy.

  54. Tom – I actually think you are a good guy, and I miss you writing here more often. You usually had an interesting perspective. But I think I’ll stick with my statement, it is fair, right and necessary. Otherwise I would feel like I was complicit by silence.

  55. He isn’t even bearded. What sort of self-respecting Jihadist doesn’t have a beard? He’d be shot just for that in Afghan.

  56. Boston Police are saying they have him in custody.

    Translation for the conspiracy loon community:
    The government/police/FBI/CIA/Mossad/Illuminati have arranged for a patsy to take the fall for their conspiracy.

  57. Thank God.

    Let’s see what we learn now.

    A big tip of the hat to the Boston PD, FBI, and all others who had a hand in the hunt for these terrorists.

  58. Strange feeling…I’m glad he’s been captured, obviously, but here ends any chance of finding out the minute details of how they carried it out.

  59. Tom – if you were looking for an advoate in court, it should be somebody who examines evidence presented in support of an argument. As we see from this and several other threads, mahons will refuse to look at evidence which I put when I make an argument and even refuses to provide me with the evidence which he uses to decide his own stance on issues. For example, I asked him to show me (at 9.31pm) the evidence which points to the guilt of the Chechen brothers and at 9.26pm and 10.23pm (I tried again to get his ‘evidence’) he refuses to provide anything.

    I don’t consider a statement from an FBI mouthpiece to the effect that “these are the photos – look at no others” to be in any way worthy of being considered as evidence. The FBI has all the CCTV footage to show the suspects depositing the bombs so why not show that?

    In short, if you needed advocacy in court, I would be far better than mahons.

    As for politeness, I was raised to be polite. Politeness to opponents is a given whereas respect has to be earned. Likewise, mahons was raised in whatever way led him to be as ill-mannered as he is on this forum. But in spite of his poor manners, I shall remain polite towards him and attempt to engage him whenever we clash.

  60. No here begins the chance to learn more

    If he was killed, there would be much less chance

  61. Jeff Bauman described who they should look for, Allan. He described who put the bag at his feet right before it exploded. That’s how they knew who to look for.

  62. Mom The FoodieBoston
    We were indeed in lockdown today (in Boston) but I object to and reject the word paralyzed. If we had felt paralyzed, you would not have seen total compliance to the “stay in place”. Folks stayed inside to help the police, not cower in fear.

    From a Boston resident, in the online NYT, to educate the sad author of this post.

    You don’t understand us one bit, sir.

  63. If you are going to try to escape in a boat, make sure it is in water, not Watertown.

  64. mahons will refuse to look at evidence which I put when I make an argument

    You have a track record of linking to “evidence” that is entirely made up.

  65. You have a track record of linking to “evidence” that is entirely made up.

    Fews – show me.

  66. Made up Talmud quotes

    No – the quotes from the talmud are correct. It’s the fact that jews don’t want them quoted that confuses you and there are very strong reasons why they don’t want them quoted nor seen by any non-jew, such is their depth of hatred and evil.

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