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AS I thought, it was all for show.

I live half a mile from where the suspect was caught, and I disregarded martial law and walked outside. What I noticed was fascinating: There were no police around. They weren’t checking in bushes, or looking through alleys or dumpsters. They were all assembled in a mall parking lot on the other side of town marching in formation for the media. This was a show of force, not a manhunt.

21015_190141071134799_766228197_nOne young man had gone to ground in an urban area. The idea that he could be found by paramilitaries walking slowly up a road, or by driving around in armoured military vehicles, is absurd. A search involves maps, brains, shoe leather and dirty hands. What we saw was a show, a piece of security theatre set up for the media lens.

It worked of course. Note the applause from residents for the paramilitaries after White Hat had been bagged. Most of them had staked out Dunkin’Donuts all day and it was a fellow resident who actually found the suspect – after the police said he now go outside. He saw the tarp had been disturbed on his boat and used his hands to investigate. So we note also, like the authorities failed at the marathon, and like they initially focussed completely in the wrong direction for suspects, this theatre of the absurd completely failed to discover the whereabouts of the wounded man they were looking for all along.

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7 thoughts on “SECURITY THEATRE

  1. Your right Pete Moore, the whole absurd, hysterical and jingoistic ‘boyhunt’ would have been laughable had it not come across as deeply sinister.
    It reminded me of Terry Gilliam’s film ‘Brazil’, where SWAT teams burst into peoples’ homes, all clobbered-up like Mad Max.

  2. so what are you trying to imply? that the whole thing was a fraud?
    The fact that people did not see the active details of a search means what the police weren’t searching?

    A very ridiculas view.

  3. Troll –

    I’m saying that this show of force was security theatre.

    Look, the primary goal of the state functionary is to justify his position. The trillion dollar homeland security state failed before and during the marathon (if we accept the official narrative, this is the inevitable conclusion). So the security state has to show what your trillion dollars have bought.

    This was a manhunt, so those MRAPS and armoured cars and all that hardware on show for the cameras is useless, but the point was to give the appearance of security to you as well as the appearance of “doing something” to the bean counters with the power to cut budgets.

    The thing the security functionaries had to avoid at all costs is being called into a meeting where fingers will be pointed at them with the order: “justify yourself”. Keeping all that new military kit under wraps will not help in answering.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if manufacturers who supply the security state had been lobbying to get the hardware on show. Homeland security is big, big business, and they mean to keep the show on the road.

  4. Look at the good things. There are 9,000 ‘heroes’ who caught the armed and dangerous terrorist. USA, USA!!! High-fives all round…

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