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Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a monster. The idea of giving him their money, to fund his life and actions, would fill the people of Massachusetts with horror.

Yet that’s what happened. Except they didn’t voluntarily fund him. They were forced to do so, because the state government put him on welfare.


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  1. Except they didn’t voluntarily fund him.

    The welfare system in Massachusetts was implemented by democratically elected politicians.

  2. Until they stopped meeting income eligibility requirements in 2012

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a monster

    Was he a monstor before April 15th 2013?

  3. No, its a certainty.

    If someone commits an atrocity like that today, he was no angel the day before.

  4. Well there are stories coming out that he may have been rather violent towards his wife, but we’ll have to see as that angle develops. I would also like to see what benefits he may have applied for, it seems a boxer would be able to work in some capacity.

  5. It wasn’t the day before.

    No, its a certainty

    You’re better than that Phantom.

  6. Credible journalists and politicians said he was a monster.

    That’s good enough for me.

  7. Paul – Well what do you suggest he was on April 14th?

    Pete – You may add in victims, witnesses, police etc. Hell, even his Uncle didn’t like him. But of course you may believe he didn’t do it, was framed, was not there, was a patsy, did it on orders of the CIA…I can’t keep up..which theory is it today?

  8. Mahons –

    Same as it’s been since late last week: they were there, they did it. I believe as much as you do that they’re the bombers. Any more questions?

  9. If only he’d escaped welfare dependency(*) and enriched himself beyond his wildest dreams(**) by plying a trade in the market instead. Perhaps then he’d have been able to afford to build more and better IEDs and kill and injure more people.

    So I guess the point of the post is that the Government welfare program saved many lives?

    (*) The benefits had already stopped

    (**) That’s how it works, isn’t it?

  10. (**) Usually – no. The best bet for enriching yourself now is to get in with government.

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