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“Reporters Without Borders” has released its 2013 World Press Freedom Index. It’s not great, though it could be worse. Ireland is 15th, The UK is in 29th place and the Land of the Free is 32nd, behind Ghana and Suriname. Israel, “the only democracy in the Middle East”, is 112th, behind Lebanon.


Eritrea is in last place, behind even North Korea.

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3 thoughts on “PRESS FREEDOM INDEX 2013

  1. How did Sweden get to be in 10th place? Any country with state-funded media should be treated with utmost suspicion.

  2. The organisation was established by French journalists.
    Many Swedish women are very attractive…
    They had to interview a lot of people
    Who cares about the State?

  3. What does this group not like about Israeli press freedom?


    Lots of state media is good. It often provides a service that private media does not and would not provide, incl in remote areas.

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