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By Pete Moore On April 28th, 2013

Man fined for racism after Welsh sheep slur

A man who was fined for racism after he branded Welsh people “sheep s******s” claims he was using a term for people living in the countryside […]

The 47-year-old was fined £150 after he admitted racially aggravated disorderly behaviour.


Dear Lord, please make it stop.


  1. Surely he meant to say sheep-stealers?

  2. My Ex-Wife’s family were Welsh, they decided I was the Black sheep of the family

    The Racist bastards 😉

    PS: Am I now a ‘Victim’?

  3. “A man who was fined for racism after he branded Welsh people “sheep s******s”

    But surely that’s what they do with sheep?
    You either roast ’em and marinade them in mint sauce
    or you s**** ’em..

  4. Harri,
    Where you been?
    I thought you’d been re-arrested?

  5. Agit

    On the road again, and again and again ..

    Back to Bentley in the morning, actually I am working with a Frenchman, two Americans and a Canadian, In the last two weeks I have not been able to get a word in edgeways 😉 I just let them get on with it, when it all goes tits up I will know who to blame 🙂

    I have been looking in .. in between munching on the popcorn

  6. ” I have not been able to get a word in edgeways..”

    Pull the other one Harri!
    If your web persona is anything to go by, the others must be complaining of earache.. 🙂

  7. If your web persona is anything to go by, the others must be complaining of earache..

    Pardon 🙂

  8. The offender was on state benefits, maybe it is a way to get some money back.

  9. £The offender was on state benefits…

    Pete will now revise his post to demand that the sponger should have been thrown in jail.. 😉

  10. Colm,
    A man who is well able to pay his tv licence and has a fetish for sexy little mountain bikes, is hardly in a position to do anything.
    Are you Pete? 😉

  11. I’m too tired right now. A ten-mile ride today around Epping Forest on the bike.

    And MOTD2 is on the BBC in a min …

  12. Put your feet up then, poor old chap.

    I see Toulon beat Saracens 24-12 at Twickenham. Jonny Wilkinson kicked all the points.
    Would like to have seen that match.
    Imo football is oh so boring.
    Absolutely full of foreigners…

  13. Agit8ed –

    You could’ve watched the match. Just live stream it. Get all the sport you want for free. I’ll give you a link if you want.

    Wilkinson was sublime, just as he was sublime against Leicester in the QF. If Farrell goes on the Lions tour while Wilkinson stays at home, Gatland is out of his mind. It wasn’t just that he kicked 7 penalties out of 7 and dropped a goal which was sensational, his all round game was outstanding. He’s the best 10 in Europe right now by a distance.

  14. Pete,
    If it’s legal give me the link please!
    Jonny Wilkinson seems to be ruling himself out of the Lions tour. He says the likes of Farrell are the future, not him. I don’t think he wants the pressure. He is enjoying his rugby in France. More relaxed, perhaps less attention. He is getting on though. Still one of the greats, modest and honourable.

  15. Agit8ed –

    Probably it’s illegal so I won’t give the link. However if you google “first row sports” you’ll see it. Just avert your eyes from the dirty pop up ads which fund it.

    JW is just being modest, but he’s also aware of Gatland’s policy and doesn’t want to put Gatland in an awkward position by saying publicly he’d like to go. He loves the big game and the big moment and he’d love to be there. Gatland has said that players based in France can’t be picked if they’re in the play off final. Toulon will be in the final and that means JW would miss the Lions warm-up game in Hong Kong. I say so what?

    Confusingly, Gethin Jenkins is being tipped to go although he’s a Toulon player (and the second pick at loosehead behind Andrew Sheridan, who won’t be called up for the Lions).

    Gatland has also said he’s taking two fly halves only. One of them will be Sexton, we’ll find out in the morning who the other one is, but for big-game temperament and a boot to win a tight contest, there’s no option other than JW.

  16. Thank you Pete.
    Hope you have fully recovered from your cycle ride.