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It seems that Israel launched a major attack attack on installations around Damascus last night. It would be the second Israeli attack this week.  There’s no confirmation yet, but not many actors in the region have the hardware to do this sort of thing –

You’d think Assad would normally respond, but he’s fully engaged in a war as it is. Presumably he doesn’t have spare forces to send over the Golan Heights. And what does Israel gain by aiding thousands of allahu akbars? There are plenty of insurgents fighting to take over Syria who would not make great neighbours for Israel.

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  1. “There are plenty of insurgents fighting to take over Syria who would not make great neighbours for Israel.”

    I don’t know whether or not they are attacking the Assad regime. Most of the attacks have apparently been aimed at chemical weapons stores or facilities. And for the very reason you pointed out. They, probably quite legitimately, don’t want the “allahu akbars”, as you put it, to get their hands on those chemical weapons after the overthrow of the Assad regime.

  2. Bombing a chemical weapons store would result in spreading toxic fumes over a huge area. What would be the point in that, unless Israel wants to spread fear and confusion across the whole region.

  3. the point is to prevent the weapons from reaching agents that would use them against them.

    Unlike the majority here the Israelis know that the weapons that are moving through Syria are being set to be used against them when Iran orders it.

  4. quite legitimately ?

    Would you say it was legitimate if Iran bombed Israeli weapons/research facilities, fearing the Israelis might use them against Iran in the future?

  5. Israel has tried to reach peaceful accommodation with Iran.

    Iran does not recognize the existence of the Jewish state at all, and wants it destroyed.

    The situations could not be more different.

    Iran is part of an alliance that poses an existential threat to the existence of Israel.

    Israel does not want Iran destroyed at all. They could reach a peace and trade deal next week, if Iran wanted it.

  6. What utter tripe. No time to debunk it now. Perhaps later. Hope all on this side of the pond are enjoying the fine weather.

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