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Got the guts to listen?

By Patrick Van Roy On May 6th, 2013

or are you closed minded?…. I don’t you think your capable of an honest discussion on the topic.




This is a LARGE part of the American Culture you really don’t seem to understand, and that’s a shame.

46 Responses to “Got the guts to listen?”

  1. //or are you to close minded?…. I don’t you think your capable of a honest discussion on the topic.//

    Come back when you’ve learned to write and a bit of manners.

  2. considering I wasn’t even done editing what I was posting Noel and the fact that you post your comment without having time to listen to one of the speeches let alone both.

    I think it might behoove you to look at your manners, but I do thank you for being a perfect example of the closed minded with no guts.

  3. Noel
    I challenge you. Listen to Beck’s speech. Find the points that you disagree with and explain why.

    I don’t think you can do it. That’s called a debate, people discussing why they agree or disagree with a point of view.

  4. “Come back when you’ve learned to write and a bit of manners.’

    I couldn’t agree more with you Noel! It seems the bigoted bully boy rises again!

  5. ahhh boo hoo….

    two perfect examples.

    Neither of you are willing to discuss the pros or cons of the subject matter.

    You have no ability to present an argument either for or against any topic. Like I said limited closed minded individuals.

    Grow a set of balls and discuss the topic. But balls and brains are something you both lack.

    I don’t come here often anymore, but I will continue to come to present a different view than the one held by the majority that comment on this site. It is your choice if you choose to participate in a manner like an adult, or just toss insults like petulant children.

    Ernest I beat up on you one time, and I apologized for it. If you don’t like or agree with my points of view either have the guts to state what you disagree with or have the decency to not comment.

  6. Troll — A word of advice. If you want people to listen to these two clowns, best not to start with an insult. I wouldn’t have listened to them either way – there’s drying paint here that needs watching – but if you really do want people to engage, at least be civil.

  7. Petr
    I take NO advice from you.
    There are very few that are civil amongst you, and you aren’t one of them.

    I expect very few to have the integrity to take a position by listening to both sides. I will put the side you refuse to hear up. Then laugh at your ignorance.

    This is a hostile site. The commentators for the most part are an echo chamber of one view, and are hostile to anything contrary to their point of view.

    I will occasionally present that point of view, and welcome anyone with the honesty to debate it.

    None of you lot have the ground to stand on to take the position of courtesy or decency, so you get none in return.

    I have been judged as a hostile agent, so that is what I will be.

    Now if you had the decency to listen to either speech and post why you disagree with what was said, you would get a fair an honest debate.

  8. I also will not engage in tit for tat.

    If none you have anything to say on the material I will not respond.

    America is made up of more than the few NYrs that comment here. They represent about a third of the populace view, like it or not I represent about a third of the populace view also, and it’s my third that runs into the fires, not away from them.

    You can choose to listen to just one side, that is a decision and a mistake that has been made by many for 200yrs.

  9. This was the NRA convention, yes?

    The NRA is an enemy of all patriots and men of liberty. It has shown itself willing to work with, and accommodate, the domestic enemies in Washingon in curtailing liberty via legislative violence.

    One man alone stood foresquare behind liberty, including the libery of Americans to keep and bear arms, in the last presidential election. Troll, I recall that you were often rude about him.

    What’s interesting is not what the Glenn Becks and Sarah Palins say now. It’s what they say when Republicans control Congress and occupy the White House. For the most part, while the crazy GWB administration dynamited liberties into dust, they said nothing.

  10. No liberties were ground into any dust.

    Be a good boy and tell the truth. I’m told that it will set you free.

  11. Just give your own opinion, or at least the one you’re paid to give.

  12. The Paulies are Chicken Littles, terrified of a tyranny that does not exist.

    How’s that?

  13. Rubbish, but still better than your usual drivel.

    Tell the IRS to f- off and see then if tyranny exists in the US.

  14. We pay taxes, in accordance with law. So do residents of all other real countries.

    Oh the horror.

  15. ‘It’s the ‘LAW’ the drones scream .. Is it really?

    Income Tax in the UK was introduced as a temporary tax to pay for the Napoleonic Wars…consequently it technically has to be re-enacted every year. If Parliament forget one year, then it would be illegal!
    Technically, I suppose that if the Taxes Act is enacted in July (as it normally is), then the collection of tax between 6 April and the passing of the Act is unlawful.

    Scream away drones …

  16. “We pay taxes, in accordance with law.”

    Meaning, most of our income is confiscated, by a bunch of people who call themselves “government”, under violent threat.

    When I next meet up with Phantom for a beer I’ll hold a knife to his throat and take most of the money from his wallet. When he protests I’ll say that I am “government”. He’ll then be happy for me to rob him.

  17. Every single civilization in the history of the planet has, when left to it’s own devices, created something called government.

  18. Troll: “I represent about a third of the populace view”

    You’ve changed your tune. Not so long ago you claimed your type were the majority.

    “No no matter what you see from tweedle dee & tweedle dum, or read in the main stream press. The majority of America is more like me, we serve our nation, we own guns and know how to use them, we go to work and work hard everyday, we go to church, and we raise our families. Most of us stay quite, a few like me don’t.
    But we are the majority

  19. The Gun Nuts represent an angry, frightened and ignorant minority.

    They are a tiny minority in Pennsylvania.

    Obama was 100% spot on when he spoke of frightened men ( and it is always men pretty much ) desperately clinging to guns and religion. When there are important problems that we could be thinking about.

  20. FO –

    Not true.

    Many ruling elites have legitimised their power over others by calling themselves government. However, at times, much of Europe, Britain, Ireland, Iceland and the US have flourished without any state authority.

  21. Phantom –

    Which gov’t department is paying you to write that drivel?

  22. Well I watched the videos and I must ask Troll if he watched the videos showing the masses of troops invading suburban Boston and ordering people out of their homes at the point of a gun. “Ah – but that was different”, will say the dupes. Glenn Beck is a corporate fraud whose purpose is to corral those who would be willing to resist the destruction of American freedoms BUT none of these frauds would dare to mention the freefall collapse of building 7, the THREE bombs inside the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, the street theatre of the Boston bombing etc.

  23. I had to laugh at this item below but I wasn’t sure which thread would be most appropriate, so I decided to put in on the thread of a zionist dupe. Anyway, the judeo-thought police are pursuing a major threat:


    HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – A University of Connecticut law student accused of allegedly making anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic comments to university officials appeared in court Wednesday

    Police said the arrest stems from anti-Semitic emails she sent to the Student Bar Association. In response to suggestions for a new dean, authorities said Bargh wrote, “Let’s celebrate diversity by having the next dean not be Jewish.”

  24. Couple things

    What ever happened to fortress white guys he was going to build in Iowa or Idaho or wherever?

    He lost me when he equated the US as the only democracy that matters and that americans are the whole human race.

    Add to that the same drivel troll tosses around about rushing into burning buildings so there are more people need rescuing the whole thing is a lot of foaming mouth drivel

    Now lets watch the northern vaccuum

  25. The northern vacuum is amazing! She is the first vacuum that sound can pass through.

    She spoke for 12 minutes and managed to say nothing

    and just for the halibut


  26. “Obama was 100% spot on when he spoke of frightened men ( and it is always men pretty much ) desperately clinging to guns and religion. When there are important problems that we could be thinking about.”

    mindless drivel. Phantom, you simply do not know what you are talking about.

    how’s that ObamaCare working out, btw? you know – the important “problem” of yore – fixing our world class health system by installing so many government regulations and requirements that business is literally frozen in place, afraid to hire???

    yep. that worked out.

    global warming…another “problem” that Obama mentioned he’d solve in his recent State of the Union….too bad it’s been cooling for 12 years…oops!!

    or, is it the “important ME problem” that you would like the O Admin to address? the one where bin Laden is dead, but Al Queda is still alive, and we have murders and the cover-up in Benghazi to prove it??

    or, you want our President to address his “red line” in Syria – the one that’s been crossed and the war that’s now starting – and thankfully, I think, America is not even consulted????…

  27. Troll – here’s something which I hope may induce you to THINK! A quote from George Orwell, taken from The Lion and The Unicorn, which shows how easily we are led to harm each other….

    “As I write, highly civilized human beings are flying overhead, trying to kill me.
    They do not feel any enmity against me as an individual, nor I against them. They are ‘only doing their duty’, as the saying goes. Most of them, I have no doubt, are kind-hearted law-abiding men who would never dream of committing murder in private life. On the other hand, if one of them succeeds in blowing me to pieces with a well-placed bomb, he will never sleep any the worse for it. He is serving his country, which has the power to absolve him from evil.”

  28. The fire and police I know – and I do know some – are absolutely not warmongers. They hate war, and they don’t call for it lightly, ever.

    The warmongers here – the one or two of them -have never rushed into any burning building, nor would they.ever do so.

    Better to have others do the fighting, better to have others pay for it.

    Find me one FDNY guy ( or Philly FD, or London Fire Brigade ) who says these things. I’ll wait. They do go into flaming buildings, but they don’t bay for war.

  29. Phantom:

    Neither do they rush into burning buildings, they construct careful plans born out of expirience and attack fires like a puzzle

    Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread

  30. However, at times, much of Europe, Britain, Ireland, Iceland and the US have flourished without any state authority.

    And you can give me a couple of examples of this?

  31. yeah they were fools to rush into the Towers as they burned. I have been a volunteer fireman when I was 18, most of the guys I grew up with were. I only did it for a few months, It wasn’t fun or glorious, yes you attack a burning building with a plan. The plan is you go inside and fight the fire while trying to see if there are people to rescue. You use experience to attack the fire, but what that experience teaches you more than anything is that fire like so many things never go as planned.

    I still feel I am in the majority, but if the majority does not choose to vote it ceases to hold the right to call itself that. So I humbly say I share a voice of the third.

    The NYr with his bile, has no understanding of police or firefighters, even if he knows one or two. While he dismisses someone who comes from four generations of cops. The majority of those that serve in the blue Phantom are veterans. You were one, it just goes to show that not everyone can learn even when trained.

    You like to call me a gun nut and a warmonger. I am neither. Just because a person owns guns or advocates the use of military force does not make them a gun nut or a warmonger.

    We have different perspectives of the world and of our own nation. I don’t call you a nut because I disagree with your point of view, yet like so many of your ilk you label those that don’t see things as you do as nuts. That view just makes you an ass.

    I am not a member of the NRA yet they are an important safeguard. How many of you know that the NRAs first task was to help insure that Black Americans were armed for self defense when they were being lynched by democrats trying to prevent them from voting?

    Alan your drivel about 9/11 and Oklahoma being inside jobs are just testimony to how truly insane what your beliefs are.

    The second amendment was designed to keep the masses armed as a protection against our own government. Period.

    I put these posts up for two reasons entertainment and education. The majority of you are beyond the reach of learning anything outside your views, but your comments always provide entertainment.

    Beck and Palin are just two people who have platforms for opinions you don’t like, but your bile and unwillingness to even venture into the substance of what they say shows more about you than the right or wrong of their opinions.

    None of you addressed a single point they talked about, yet you consider yourselves and views of value. How can you demonstrate that value that you feel if you can’t even bring yourself to address anything either said?

  32. Beck and Palin have destoyed all credibility that they might have had,

    I didn’t listen. I don’t choose to use my time listening to thoroughly discredited people.

    Beck looks here like a very tired man, old before his time.

  33. considering they have MILLIONS of people who pay attention to them, who has more credibility, them or you?

    The fact that you brag that you refuse to even listen to what they have to say is as I said a reflection on your narrow mindedness.

    Your a fan of Savage, I think the guy is a self obsessed ass. However I reached that opinion by listening to his show for a couple of months. Can you say the same about Beck? Have you spent any real time listening to his show, or have you made your judgement based on things you have read or heard commented about it. Basing your opinion on the opinions of others rather than deciding for yourself?

  34. Savage is brilliant, but has an insane / onspiray side that will destroy him if he lets it. He ould beome Allan if he doesn’t wath himself. Bek has already destroyed his own sanity. He is Allan. As you an see, I have keyboard issues.

  35. Alan your drivel about 9/11 and Oklahoma being inside jobs are just testimony to how truly insane what your beliefs are.

    Troll – I simply posted two facts which none of your ‘approved’ outlets would ever mention. Building 7 really did fall at freefall acceleration, the significance of which is understood by me, and there really were THREE bombs in the Murrah building.

  36. Allan

    Are there any conspiracy theories that you don’t believe in?

    Someone asked that question before but you never answered it.

    I think that you yourself are in the center of a conspiracy.

  37. Phantom – are you disputing what I wrote above?

  38. Allan

    Sorry, I choose to make only very infrequent visits into the House of Horrors.

  39. The conspiracy around the OKC bombing is that it was only the work of McVeigh and Nichols.

    The American people have never been told the truth about the lies and cover ups committed by the FBI and ATF. The American media consciously chose to ignore them.

    Ambrose Evans-Pritchard today is the International Business Editor of The Telegraph. At the time of the bombing he was the paper’s Washington correspondent. His book, “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: The Unreported Stories” spilled the beans on just how corrupt the agencies were, that the FBI concocted the case against McVeigh with no scientific evidence, that 170 families alleged that the bombing was a sting operation gone wrong (yeah, another one of those), and that the ATF office in the Alfred P Murrah building was strangely empty on the day.

    Evans-Pritchard is no conspiracy theorist. He’s a journalist who did his job. Commenting on the media reporting of the bombing, he wrote:

    “Needless to say, the McVeigh trial was not described in this way to the American media. The outcome was seen as a triumph. Judge Matsch was lionized, praised for restoring confidence in the criminal justice system. The reaction of the press disturbed me deeply. I never imagined that the machinery of cover-up could be so oppressively efficient.”

    For a vastly more informative and honest account of the bombing compared to the blatant lies and falsehoods put out by a compliant media, this is the book.

  40. Are there any conspiracy theories that you don’t believe in?

    I think he once voiced a halfhearted acceptance that the moon landings might actually have happened.

  41. Phantom check the “c” key on your keyboard get a can of air and blow it out

  42. Phantom’s mind really is in a bubble. He wrote above that “I didn’t listen. I don’t choose to use my time listening to thoroughly discredited people.” I did listen because I wanted to debate Troll’s views. On other matters of fact, when I put up the link to the source material, Phantom does exactly the same – doesn’t look because it’s ‘discredited’.

    Thinking takes a lot of effort and it requires commitment to read, review, assimilate and then grasp an argument which is presented with supporting evidence. Those who can both think and are willing to do so will view ‘conspiracy theories’ on the basis of the argument made and the evidence presented in support – and then make up their own minds. The likes of Phantom and Fews are incapable of doing so which is why their light-weight quips above are the limits of their willingness and ability to think.

  43. Hi Allan

    See any good Alex Jones clips lately?

  44. Allan, if I may say so, it rather annoys me to see you making such a comment as the 2nd para. of your 8:44 comment, all about reasoning and rationally assimilating an argument, after our short conversation a week or so ago, in which you posted several photographs taken from the Boston attacks and you invited anyone to help you solve the apparent inconsistencies therein. I rather thought that I did just that, in my reply. I told you that you had got the timeline wrong (which I later found confirmed by my viewing of other video material), yet you don’t seem to have taken that on board at all. You stick to this absurd theory which is not borne out by the timeline of events, and you refer to the scenes of bloody carnage at Boston as “street theatre”.
    Such a description might appear marginally less offensive and insulting to the victims, had you displayed the ability to look at the photographs, enlarge them, scrutinise them and correctly deduce which one was taken first and which one seconds later. But oh no, I pointed all this out to you, on that other thread a few weeks ago, but it seemingly has made not one jot of difference to your preconceived view. You just seem to instantly go with the infowars.com analysis without bothering to using your own eyes. It’s a shame and it lets you down, because I would have otherwise been willing to take you on trust re your views about WTC7, as you say you are a civil engineer.
    I reiterate, it is good to question things, and it is healthy not to automatically believe what the mainstream press says. Important wealthy people do get together and conspire, they do it often, and some of the stories we read about in the news are not 100% what they seem to be. Yet, equally, it is unhealthy to instantly jump to wild conspiracy conclusions about everything. And I think that this is what you often do, Allan. Please, you’re an intelligent guy. Be self-aware, check yourself, don’t fall into mental traps.

  45. Allan’s gone all quiet. Maybe the Illuminati have finally caught up with him!

  46. Or perhaps he has taken to self-reflection and wishes to reform.