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I see a little part of Cornwall will be forever Iran!

Just a few days until Easter, the most important date in the Christian calendar, 700 Muslims have converged in a rural caravan park in a small Cornish village. They are engaging in thrice-daily calls to prayer which are proving a strain on a harmonious relationship with British neighbours. The Iranian Muslims have converged on the Trevelgue Holiday Park in Porth, Cornwall, to celebrate yesterday’s Persian New Year. Every day at sunrise, noon and sunset they broadcast their prayers, known as Adhan, on a loudspeaker system. But some residents are complaining that the noise is shattering the idyll of the quiet village near Newquay. I bet. Where once we had the Wurzels, we now have the Muslims. Great.

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  1. The featured instruments carried at Orange Parades as I recall are drums, St. Patrick’s day uses bagpipes and over here our 4th of July uses fireworks at late hours.

    Some reasonable accomodation to allow others to celebrate their holiday, even noisly, seems to be natural to me.

  2. Mahons,

    I believe the festival lasted for three days. Even the 12th does not last that long. Plus, what are 700 Iranians doing cruising around Cornwall?? Odd. I wonder if 700 Orangemen turned up in Tehran beating their drums what might happen? (Mind you, the Lambeg drum would put the fear of Allah in anyone!!)

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