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We have no dog in the Syrian fight but we can still get bitten.

The Assad regime is appalling (as I have said for YEARS here on ATW and elsewhere) but then again so is the Al Queda driven opposition, the so called “rebels”. However for some reason, the West seems to want to arm the Islamic terrorist opposition which to my mind is verging on the lunatic.

The government has set out the case for lifting or amending the EU arms embargo against the main Syrian opposition group, the National Coalition. The UK said such a move would strengthen moderate forces in the opposition.

“Moderate Forces”????

The one thing that is missing in Syria is moderation in any regard. By arming the Islamic thuggery that seeks to topple Boy Bashar, all we are doing is laying down the seeds of the future caliphate, just as we are seeing in North Africa as we foolishly supported the “Arab Spring.”

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6 thoughts on “ARM AL QUEDA SAYS UK

  1. Ah but somewhere in the mix are “oppressed minorities” so of course the pressure will be on to arm the rebels because they are fighting for freedom and dignity.
    There are Muslims here who will go and fight in the latest Muslim conflict.

    To be clear it is terrible to see the pictures of Syrian citizens blowing to bits other Syrian citizens, especially women and children. People who have lost their homes, their livelihoods their loved ones. And it has happened in Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Iran. Not forgetting the Palestinian conflicts of course.

    But these are in the main Muslims attacking other Muslims over issues of power, religious differences, brutality and discrimination.
    It is not our fight. Not our place to get involved in the conflict. Humanitarian aid yes, medical aid yes. But not to get involved militarily.

  2. Keep out entirely. Let Medicin San Frontieres and such help but certainly NOT the equivalent of Noraid. Since they provide aid in the worst possible way.

  3. Our governments as we know are stupid about the things they do internally in our nations, but this foreign policy that is being implemented by both of our nations regarding Syria is akin to a suicide pact at the very least it’s a tale written by Dante.

  4. “The UK said such a move would strengthen moderate forces in the opposition.”

    Propaganda and nonsense.

    The terrorists will be armed because the CIA’s long planned jihad is going badly and Assad is winning.

  5. Don’t write Assad off just yet. He still controls most of the country, not just Damascus by any means. And his army have made major gains (winning back strategic towns) in the past two months. People have been saying Assad’s days are numbered for two years. Although I wouldn’t describe him was ‘winning’, I don’t think he’s going anywhere any time soon.

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