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I note that the IRS is under fire for targeting (surprise!) political opponents who sought tax-exempt status, especially ones with ‘Tea Party’, with rigorous challenges and requests for donor lists (illegal). Also under scrutiny were groups who chose to educate Americans about their Constitution.

Reminds me of a previous era, under a slightly different political colour and President. One hopes that the present attempt to subvert any opposition to the words of the Great One will come to the same sticky end!

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6 thoughts on “A worthy apostle

  1. In short, the IRS, which has awesome powers extending beyond those even of the HMRC gang, targeted Obama’s political opponents, conservatives, Tea Party grups, Jews and other undesirables. This is truly Third World stuff.

    But it’s also very, very good news.

    As someone said in here, if you don’t want political opponents using powers to stiff you, then abolish those powers when you can. Don’t assume power but moan about it when they other lot get in.

    No, the real problem is not The Kenyan’s administration doing what comes naturally to two-bob caudillos. The real problem is the IRS and the unbelievable powers it has in the first place.

    Republicans have had many opportunities to cut it down and break it apart, but they never did so because they love power when they have it.

  2. None of these advocacy groups should get tax exempt status.

    The issue here is that the IRS goons focused only on Tea Party types.

    Its not just TP guys that are upset over this either.

  3. what about the high office officials that ordered it Mahons?

    Oh it was just low level people no one ordered them to do it, just like it was low level officials that ran guns to drug dealers in fast and furious, just as it was low level officials that ordered the special ops to stand down in Benghazi… nothing to see here, no pattern of abuse here, besides it’s all Bush’s fault.

  4. Any official who ordered it (if such should be the case) should likewise be fired.

    I am unaware where you think someone has argued it was all Bush’s fault but perhaps that is just your usual fiction.

  5. why is this no surprise?

    the obama administration is a thuggish operation – thanks all you Progressives! You really can pick ’em!

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