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The IRS scandal. The AP phone tapping scandal. Brazen Benghazi lies. Obama’s enemies list….
President Lincoln once said that if you want to test a man, give him power. In Obama’s case, he is failing the test.

As Rand Paul puts it, “this sounds like a President somewhat drunk on power.”

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4 thoughts on “Drunk on Power

  1. So sayeth the professional politician who is the son of a professional politician.

    In the very good graces of Fox News and the right wing radio screamers.

    What a breath of fresh air he is.

  2. But he does know drunks, his own son poured himself into an airport not long ago…

  3. This is clearly among the dirtiest and most corrupt of administrations, and the bar was already high.

    But the problem isn’t the man entrusted with awesome powers. If a system depends on electing the right people, then the system is faulty. The problem is those awesome powers in the first place.

    Lord Acton’s dictum about power corrupting is well known and it’s true. He also said: “The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. All classes are unfit to govern.” Well so are all individuals, and the powers now vested in the cult-like office of the president are extraordinarily dangerous, even without a megalomaniac in the White House determined to finish enemies.

  4. This crime family does have a problem with airports. The Rand Paul staged incident at airport security will long be remembered.

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