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34 thoughts on “‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant’

  1. Excellent photo.

    As I only learned this morning, from BBC World, is that the Ark Royal, above, is being sent to the scrapyards.

    The UK is well along the path of unilateral disarmament. This is an atrocious path you’ve entered upon. Evil has not disappeared from this world.

    You rose to greatness as a strong naval power. You do forget that.

    Farewell, Ark Royal.

  2. This all puts me in mind of those old lines, “We the willing….”

    For the United Kingdom.

    “We the suicidal, led by the incapable, are doing the unthinkable for the uncaring.
    We have thrown away so much for so little return over the years that as a nation we are now demonstrably certifiable” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. but look at the peace dividend you’ve received… all the military things that have been dismantled since the end of the Cold War has given you a balanced budget and your much safer now…. right?

  4. There are still some that are paying attention to world events….

    In a letter to The Times, Lord West – a former Labour security minister – wrote: ‘What is certain is that to fail to stand by the United States, when they have supported us in Europe over some 70 years, would be a mistake.

    ‘The dispatch of a carrier, its small air wing and a Tactom-armed nuclear submarine, should any such crisis escalate, is just the sort of commitment an ally such as the United States requires. Nothing else in our military inventory has similar flexibility and adaptability.’

    ‘What will be the next strategic shock? I cannot predict it – nor can the Government. To lose our maritime strike capability in such dangerous times is short-sighted.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1335326/HMS-Ark-Royal-aircraft-carrier-returns-Portsmouth-time.html#ixzz2Tq0WIqH3
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  5. God be with the days when it took a few battleships or gunboats to threaten our civilisation. Now all it takes is a few gays getting married and we’re scared shitless as we watch our world fall apart.

  6. Yeah and the same low lifes opposed interracial marriage too.

    Nice comment, Noel. They don’t make men like they used to!

  7. trying to make a point, or have a debate about anything with the group of you is a Sisyphean task.

  8. Troll

    Do you want people to comment who only agree with you ? That seems to be the gist of your endless moaning recently on ATW. Stop putting yourself above everyone else and whinging about how people debate and just get on with arguing your own case. You are not in any way superior to anyone else here.

  9. Colm

    how about just staying on topic? (I never expect any of you to agree with ME ๐Ÿ˜‰

    here’s one for you… it’s been playing in my head due to this post.

  10. Of course I’m superior, I’m an American Conservative. Nothing walks the planet that’s better… never forget that

  11. It has gone the way of Noah’s Ark. It is actually the fifth vessel of that name (the first dates back to the 16th Century).

  12. Troll

    As long as you are around I am sure I won’t be allowed to forget that ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. How come this ship didn’t play a part in the Falklands War?

    Enquiring minds want to know

  14. It didn’t need to. We had the Aircraft carrier Invincible out there (and I think I recall another one called the Hermes playing some role) and we won the war anyway !

  15. Those were the days when we had a bit of carrier cover.

    We were between Ark Royals during the Falklands War. The previous one had been decommissioned, the present one had been launched but not yet commissioned.

  16. Sorry, the Balkans not the Falklands. Reading too quickly. Apparently it was launched but not yet commissioned at the time.

    Either that or Elton John had rented it for a party.

  17. Incidentally, and famously, the Ark Royal was the flagship of the fleet sent out against the Armada.

    I fully expect the MOD to announce one day that there will be no more Ark Royals so as to avoid offending the Spanish.

  18. I think Britain needs 2 new aircraft carriers. If our wonderful coalition govt. could commission them perhaps they could be named HMS Clegg and HMS Cameron. Great idea eh ?

  19. I remember US Navy types saying that there were only two types of ships – submarines and targets. You must have been one of them guys.

  20. Submarines are not really ships they are weapons systems. Probably the most powerful and dangerous systems ever developed.

    Naval surface ships are transportation systems to project power in bulk. However with today’s tech they are easy targets. In today’s warfare once the shooting starts unless it’s with a minor nation life expectancy of floating platforms is less than 3 hours.

  21. They are however still needed and still practical, because the big boys will never fight on the ocean for just that reason.

  22. Cheers

    I served on USS Blandy, USS Albany, USS Spruance, USS Caron and USS Maddonough in short tem assignments in the Med and Persian Gulf.

    They tried to get me to volunteer for submarine service, but I said no.

  23. Didn’t you have to be below five feet tall to serve on submarines? Only the officers were allowed to be taller, because there was more room under the conning tower..

    Das Boot was a pretty good film about submarines, and let’s not forget most German military personnel were not members of the Nazi Party.
    Naval salute to you Submariner62, I couldn’t have coped with it.

  24. Sounds really interesting, Submariner. You should write about it here sometime.


    –dare I mention it after talk of such sailing feats….

    just four hours ago I passed my “Yachtmaster Coastal” exam

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