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By ATWadmin On March 25th, 2008

At first it just sounds like one of those crazy but true stories.  Thousands of passengers are being forced to hop off buses midway through journeys to comply with EU laws. A Brussels ruling has banned local services longer than 30 miles to ensure drivers don’t spend too long at the wheel. As a result, drivers have to pull in as they hit that limit and order everyone OFF their bus. They then change the route number on the front and invite passengers to jump back ON before resuming the trip.

Western Greyhound has split its Newquay to Plymouth route in three — even though it uses a single driver throughout. Passengers must buy three tickets and break their journey twice. Managing director Mark Howarth said: “It’s a farce. We have to kick customers off as soon as the driver hits the 30-mile limit. "

So far, so bad. This is the sort of  bureaucratic  madness that one expects from the EU – a complete over-ride of common sense. But then I read  Lib Dem transport spokesman Norman Baker blasting the “lunatic law” and demanding an "opt -out". But just one moment. This is the SAME Liberal-Democrat Party which is rabidly pro-EU and the consequential abrogation of British national sovereignty.

Memo to Norman Baker – if we weren’t IN the EU we wouldn’t need to go grovelling to obtain opt-OUTS so that our buses can function normally!


  1. Does The Sun re-cycle this story every 10 years?

    Euromyth: Driven crazy by barmy bus driver Brussels ruling, Letter by Neil Kinnock, European Transport Commissioner to The Sun, 7 January 1999

  2. Aha!

    Thanks for that, Alan. When I first read this post it did strike me as a typical misrepresentation of the EU by sceptics (this time the Sun).

    If the sceptics were to be believed, the EU really would be run by nutters.

    Thankfully it isn’t.

  3. Reg, let me understand.

    Either the passengers do not have to get off the bus and buy three tickets and the manager of the bus company is making it up.

    Or they do.

    Which is it?

  4. Check EU Referendum blog for the background. It’s not the crazy story that it appears to be.

  5. NRG,

    It (that is, the EU directive) is neither of your choices.

    The law that governs the number of hours a bus driver can work does not mandate the company’s solution any more than the minimum wage law in America mandates that companies import illegal aliens who will work for less money.

    In fact, the bus company’s solution is the same level of problem solving shown in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, when the out of work father tells his children, “I’ve got no option but to sell you all for scientific experiments.”