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Washington Times: Ron Paul: Fix IRS by shutting it ‘once and for all’

Former Rep. Ron Paul of Texas called the recent IRS fiasco troubling — but writes that the only way Congress can protect the freedoms of Americans from a long pattern of suspected IRS abuse is to “shutter the doors” of the agency “once and for all.”

Conservatives, Republicans and supposed fans of small government: you had you chance but voted instead for a man whose scandals would just be getting underway if he’d been installed in the White House. The real scandal of the IRS isn’t that it targeted opponents of the ruling regime, it’s that it daily holds a gun to the heads of millions of Americans and steals their money. You had your chance to do away with it, and you bottled it.
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  1. The next society that doesn’t have a government will be the first.

    The next government that has no taxation will be the first.

  2. Apple has piled up hundreds of billions in tax havens. It’s not obvious how that benefits Americans facing tax rises to curb the deficit. Apple doesn’t pay any tax worth talking about, anywhere. And that includes Ireland where billions of profits are laundered routed every year. All totally legally.

    So the state is not doing much of a job holding a gun to Apple’s head. More like a water pistol.

  3. “Apple has piled up hundreds of billions in tax havens. It’s not obvious how that benefits Americans facing tax rises to curb the deficit.”

    Congratulations to Apple on heroically and wonderfully sticking a bunch of cash down its sock while state thugs go through its wallet.

    A fat lump of cash will benefit Americans because it’s invested in productive enterprises. If the state had it away with the cash, it would be consumed in corrupt redistribution schemes to clients and its value destroyed.

    Well done Apple on its real public service.

  4. A fat lump of cash will benefit Americans because it’s invested in productive enterprises.

    When and where? Not in the US, not this decade.

    If Apple can’t find a productive use for this hoard is should distribute it to its shareholders to use themselves. Salting it in tax-havens holds everyone back. Reminds me of a bible story….

  5. The US Corporate tax system is insane — taxing all global income, not just income earned in the US. This bizarre practice could ultimately cause Apple to ” redomesticate ” to a county that only taxes income earned in its own borders, as most ( all? ) other countries do it.

  6. Peter

    If Apple gave the money to the shareholdera, they’d have to pay the US 35 pct tax first. Thats just not gonna happen.

  7. where is his legislation to shut it down? What is the # of the Bill?

    The malignant scam artist rants and raves, but puts forth no bill to do anything.

  8. yes he is retired and no longer in office, but even his son who defended Apples sheltering of billions of Dollars has put fort no legislation.

    Ron Paul was a scam artist, he is still a scam artist. He could submit a plan in his column, but did he NO. Did he get any reforms passed in the decades he held office NO.

    What he did do was funnel hundreds of Millions of Dollars to his district.

  9. I don’t know how anyone who isn’t steeped in the byzantine legal intricacies of the US corporate tax structure could have a reasonable discussion on the issue, but I think it’s pretty clear that legislators of both parties are complicit in creating a corrupt and complex system of tax avoidance rather than one of transparent and fair contribution.

    As a Ron Paul supporter in this last election, I completely agree that the IRS should be abolished if it can’t be reconfigured. I disagree that we the people, including American companies, shouldn’t pay some percentage of earnings towards maintaining our federal government.

    I think the integral problem of corporate tax avoidance lies with a congressional body that accepts billions of dollars in annual campaign donations from various business interests, submits legislative proposals written by adept accountants and lawyers employed by lobbyist firms seeking tax avoidance, while relying on a voting constituency that has no fucking clue about any about any of these serious matters that their representatives deliberately made more complex and incoherent by design.

    What needs to be redesigned are the lax rules on lobbying, campaign contributions and 501c Pacs.

    If I were queen, lobbyists would be relegated to the fourth ring of Hell, campaign contributions would be capped and all 501c Pacs would be verboten.

  10. Republicans incl the Tea Party Confusion love lobbyists, bribes and corporate money in politics. These traitors must be slapped down just as the Trial Lawyer /Mobster Dems need to be slapped down. They’re all garbage.

  11. Pete, if you don’t know, the IRS tea party scandal has do with 501C’s. A tax exempt status given to non-profit organizations that do not give contributions or endorsements to any political candidate or participate in any activity that would be considered public endorsement of a candidate or political party.

    They are only allowed to participate in unbiased voter education.

    The IRS most certainly and unlawfully targeted Tea Party organizations, but it almost as certain that these particular 501C’s had zero interest in spending their money on unbiased voter education efforts.

    By the way, Karl Rove’s mega-billion 501C passed beyond notice all of the IRS radar. It’s a wonder Obama’s IRS minions missed the biggest political player of all.

  12. They didn’t want to mess with a big guy who has full access to the Fox microphone. Better to pick on little guys that you think you can push around.

    But unless I am mistaken, Pete, as an opponent of all tax, will of course say that Rove and the smaller slick guys should not be taxed or otherwise have any limitation on their action. There should be no rules.

  13. Troll –

    Ron Paul suggests repealing the 16th Amenment. There’s the plan. You don’t need more legislation, you need less.

    Now I know I’ll be repeating this many times in the next few years, what with ATW being the online home of convenient amnesia, byt Rand Paul is nothing like the libertarian that his father is. He has some libertarian tendencies, but he’s also strobgly statist and a neocon in many ways.

    Please stop assuming he follows the same path as his father.

  14. Daphne –

    I’m aware that the IRS targeted regime opponents around the tax-exempt issue, but tax-exemptions isn’t the core of the matter.

    Power is the honeypot which will always attract money. As you say, it’s a Byzantine system with get arounds written by accountants and lawyers on behalf of lobbyists. More rules won’t change a thing. There’ll just be more rules stifling the ability of average citizens to be heard and more get arounds for the special interests. You might as legislate that water can no longer flow downhill.

    The only meaningful and sustainable way of getting money and corruption out of politics is to strip politics of the power to deeply manipulate the lives of everyone and move vast amounts of wealth from one half of the population to the other.

    Vast political power is the very source of corruption.

  15. there are more than one kind of 501c’s your ignorance is showing with your description of what these groups were and are, but facts have never been any part of your suit let alone a strong part.

    Saying repeal the 16th Amendment does not do it. Paul was and is a fraud and all who supported him and follow him are useful idiots that he used. Nothing more.

    To dismantle an Amendment takes massive legislation. You have no real grasp of our system. We are talking about changing both the constitution as it is accepted, and dismantling My governments only real power internally.

    Neither are a simple task, and no one holding office has put up legislation to do so, and that’s what it takes.

    You can continue to drink the mad Dr.’s koolaid all you choose, but please do understand that that is what you are doing.

    somehow I believe that is beyond you though, isn’t it?

  16. Yes, there are dozens. High information voters understand that we’re specifically referencing 501c3 and 501c4 on this specific topic.
    The particular ones used by Tea Party groups and all other political PACs to slither around financial transparency rules, evade taxation and influence elections and legislation.

    Since you’ve repeatedly stated that you fully agree with the Citizens United opinion, I’m sure you’re just fine with George Soro’s various 501c3/4 PAC’s along with other progressive groups abusing, excuse me, using the tax code as legal cover for their overt political activities.

    I know I should respect your opinion but I find that difficult because you’re a fucking idiot.

  17. yes but the facts are it wasn’t just 501c’s that were targeted either. Like I said your always lite in the fact arena.

    As for Soros I have no problem with his groups. I believe in free speech. It’s a two way street.

    But since you lack the fortitude to stand yourself and your opinions in the light of day, I can see why you have a problem with opposing points of view.

    You prove it every time your on here.

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