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Governments crave taxes like a junkie craves drugs. The current obsession is to insist that large corporations do not pay “fair” tax (Raising the question what is “fair” and who decides on it?) and that we need an international agreement to force them to cough up with the £££ dosh!

David Cameron is to urge EU leaders to back global action against tax evasion and “aggressive” tax avoidance that is causing nations “staggering” losses. The prime minister will meet his European counterparts in Brussels later to discuss ways of cracking down on those who do not pay their fair share. He will also raise the issue at June’s G8 summit in Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, Labour leader Ed Miliband will criticise Google tax arrangements at an event organised by the firm.

Taxation codes vary across the world, something which annoys those like Cameron and others. So IF you are going to get the “fairness” he insists is needed, you need a central tax code. That requires a central body, a one world institution, the biggest Government of all. All this waffle about tax avoidance is the DIRECT consequence of politicians creating complex tax codes and they then seek to turn their OWN stupidity to advantage by blaming those companies which RIGHTLY take advantage of this tax complexity.

Varied tax systems create choice, a fact that a country such as Ireland has taken significant advantage of, and good luck to them, If you oppose variety, then you impose uniformity, and that can only be enforced by powerful political will. It strikes me that is a greater threat to us than the rate of tax Google or Apple pays. Don’t swallow the honeyed words of Cameron and the rest of the one worlders on this – Nations should be free to set their own tax codes.


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