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It appears that caring about the sovereignty about our country and the contortion of the religious institution of marriage is “playing games” according to Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg;

The Deputy Prime Minister will lay into Tory backbenchers “consumed by game playing” after a week dominated by revolts over Europe and gay marriage and reject any move to the right. In a desperate attempt to stabilise a precarious government beset by infighting and rifts, Mr Clegg will dismiss talk of an early break-up of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat administration and call for a refocus on the economy. I am absolutely committed to this coalition lasting until 2015 – as is the Prime Minister,” he will say later today.

What Clegg is really saying is that he absolutely committed to staying in POWER until 2015, when he will be firmly booted out of Government and his party decimated.

Further, who is he actually talking to? Does anyone think that those Conservative rebels disgusted by Cameron’s playing to the liberal agenda on the EU and Gay marriage is going to listen to Clegg? Has Cameron approved this attack on HIS back benchers? If so, didn’t Cameron say the other day that he would not support people sneering at those within his party that hold views contrary to his? What was that, more empty words?

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