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Nice to see the BBC putting all that British taxpayer money to good use. Have a woman leave her kids for a month, bone up excessively around the clock, watch her get fat because (duh!) she had the munchies and act like a blithering idiot because she’s consuming excessive amounts of skunk weed.

What, they couldn’t just find some other slackers on the dole to do this with?

Real groundbreaking television.

"I felt absolutely terrified," recalls Nicky, a divorced mother-of-three, thinking back to her first experience just over a month ago.

"Paranoia set in, and I felt as if I was having a panic attack. At one point, I was simply too frightened to get out of my chair.

"I had a feeling the drug had unlocked some sort of paranoia in my head that would never go away again – I suddenly felt everyone hated me. Without doubt, that was one of the worst moments of my life."

Well, just so people don’t get the wrong idea, this didn’t just happen from smoking some joints.

She actually had herself inject with pure THC!

Certainly not advocating excessive marijuana use here, but is it any wonder somebody gets whacked out when they’re injected with THC?

How stupid is this woman?

As I do not have access to the regular programming on the BBC and this show Should I Smoke Dope aired on BBC3 Tuesday evening, I’m curious to know whether anyone viewed this and what they thought of it.

I find it a terrible way for someone to go about learning about marijuana use. Even worse, this Nicky Taylor left her children with her mother while in Amsterdam. How about staying home with your children and working on your parenting skills if indeed you want to keep them away from drug use.

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2 thoughts on “Woman Smokes Marijuana Daily for BBC Documentary

  1. Jammie most likely it will be on the iplayer, though I didn’t see the show. But it ought to be there for anyone within the UK who wants it.

    I haven’t heard about it either.

  2. How stuid are you? She was undergoing a scientific experiment when she was injected with THC. The experiment was to see what the difference between pure THC and the blended plant product is.

    Your bias means you cannot look at it logically, take a step back and view it through scientific eyes.

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