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Wonder what you make of the news that university has been awarded £82,000 of taxpayers’ money to research ‘the experiences’ of Irish homosexuals living in London?

The sociology department at the University of Essex said it will use a grant from the Economic and Social Research Council to study the lives of Irish lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the capital. Roisin Ryan-Flood, the sociologist leading the project, says she wants to ‘uncover the ways in which contemporary sexual citizenship, migration and LGBT imaginaries of the metropolis are mutually implicated in complex ways’.

LOL – They REALLY are a menace and a threat to the well being of our society, aren’t they? Not gays – but sociologists! What a waste of taxpayers money!

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8 thoughts on “MONEY WELL SPENT?

  1. Alan,

    "Sounds like a good idea"

    Can you translate? I’m not sure imaginaries is even a word.

  2. Sorry, Frank, I guess you’ll just have to sign up for the interviews to find out what Ms Ryan-Flood meant by that.

  3. Alan, if I am mutually implicated in complicated ways with contemporary sexual citizenship, migration and LGBT imaginaries of the metropolis then I’m not sure I want it uncovered.

  4. Frank, no problem:

    All interviews will be strictly confidential and steps will be taken to ensure participants’ anonymity. In addition, they are free to withdraw from the project at any time and to withdraw their interview material.

  5. Alan, but I would still know!

    Anyway sadly I do not qualify as I am no longer living in London, and anyway I am not homosexual as I can’t afford the clothes.

  6. Frank

    Perhaps you could try being a Lesbian. It’s more affordable as they don’t make much of an effort with their sartorial preferences 😉

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