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The Boston narrative changes – yet again.

Ibragim Todashev was a friend of one of the Bostom bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. While under questioning last week, he was shot dead by the FBI. At the time, it was reported that he attacked agents with a knife. Now we learn that he was unarmed. His father claims he was killed “execution style”, with a bullet to the head:


Damn shame for Todashev that is. Whatever he knew about the FBI/CIA links to the Tsarnaevs has gone to the grave with him. File this one under “tying up loose ends”.

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  1. Why can’t the American Intelligence Agencies stage better fake terrorist attacks and arrests like the Brits were able to do with the fake butchering of Rigby?

  2. Mahons, on May 30th, 2013 at 6:50 PM Said:
    Why can’t the American Intelligence Agencies stage better fake terrorist attacks and arrests like the Brits were able to do with the fake butchering of Rigby?

    Beats me too, God knows they have had enough practice

  3. Mahons –

    You have the wrong person. I’ve said they were real bombs, real casualties and that the Tsarnaevs are guilty.

    I’m also saying the Tsarnaevs also have intriguing links with the CIA and FBI. That’s where the real story is. In the case of the FBI, we see an agency which has been creating terror attacks since at least the WTC 1993 attack.

  4. And two of the Feds involved in the capture of Tsarnaev ‘fell from a helicopter’. As SEAL team 6 can confirm, dead men tell no tales.

  5. Yeah, fancy that.

    Two members of the FBI’s (highly trained) “elite hostage rescue team”, who happened to be involved in the arrest of White Hat, just happened to fall from a chopper.

    Awfully careless that is.

  6. If the FBI and CIA are such diabolical geniuses how come our local nyuk nyuks from parts unknown are privy to their every dastardly deed, large and small.

    One of life’s wee mysteries I think.

  7. I rode a helicopter once. Didn’t like the experience.

    It must really not be good if you fall out of one.

  8. Mahons –

    Not interested in conspiracy theories while there’s conspiracy evidence about.

    Let the evidence of events and actions speak to you. You’ve been conditioned to block it out with all that civics class propaganda swilling around in your head. Free your mind, think for yourself, see and hear the world clearly.

  9. I’m cancelling my subscriptions to the NY Times and WSJ

    I’m getting all my info from Pete’n’Allan from now on. They know what’s goin’ on.

  10. Pete – hey you are the one who believes Big Brother about the Rigby butchering.

  11. Allan thinks those involved in Boston bombing and Woolich murder were actors. The truth is before our eyes, says he.

    Pete — Do you agree with Allan on this?

  12. Mahons –

    I believe what Big Brother thing about it? What are you talking about?

  13. Petr Tarasov –

    How often does someone need to explain something before it penetrates your skull? No, I don’t believe they were actors. I said that in this thread. The story from Boston is what the links were between the Tsarnaevs and the serial terror plotters at the FBI and CIA.

    We’re also seeing that at least one of the Woolwich killers was very well known by MI5, that they tried to recruit him. No wonder COBRA met so swiftly on the day. There was some serious arse-covering going on. The evidence suggests that the Security Service has close links with other “extremists”. Many are no doubt on the books.

  14. Pete – that the Woolich attack wasn’t staged. The assailants clearly were actors, Rigby a stunt man etc.

  15. Mahons –

    From my posts on Woolwich it’s quite clear I don’t believe they were fucking actors. Stop making it up. Have respect for the blog.

  16. Dearest Pete – I know you are off message conspiracy-wise on Woolwich which is why I am making a parody of your comments on other terrorist attacks. And I don’t equate having respect for your opinions the same as having respect for the blog.

  17. How often does someone need to explain something before it penetrates your skull? No, I don’t believe they were actors. I said that in this thread.

    Pete – we differ on this and for reasons on which I shall post evidence which I know that you shall review whilst others won’t because they can’t face the consequences of believing what they would be seeing. Here can be seen the kits for creating the ‘bloody’ mayhem apparent at the Boston bombing – check the pics at the bottom:


  18. Allan posted a link previously that contained these photos adding that the whole thing was clearly staged and the truth was right in front of our eyes!

  19. Here we see the white rucksack carried by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev which then metamorphosed into a black rucksack which carried the explosives which created the ‘bloody’ mayhem cited previously:


    Photos show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s backpack at the Marathon was white. A photo of the remains of the bomb back shows that it was black and Richard DesLauriers stated that both bombs exploded in “black nylon bags or backpacks.” The backpack which Dzhokhar dropped is what the Joint Task Force says linked “Suspect 2” to the bombing. But Dzhokhar had only the white backpack and no other at the Marathon. Therefore there is no link between Dzhokhar and the bombing, but rather proof of a black-op involving terrorism against the American people and a frameup of two innocent young men.

    REMEMBER – the FBI told all of you to look only at the photos which they instructed you to look at. To view any other photos is UNPATRIOTIC and SUBVERSIVE. Do as you’re told – high-5’s all round U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A, four legs good, two legs bad, U-S-A …..

  20. Colm – Woolwich was soooooo last week.

    Tell you what. When you’ve looked at my link at 11.20pm and can provide an explanation of how one rucksack became another rucksack, I’ll tell you about Woolwich – that’s surely fair?

  21. Allan — Why so coy? You told me recently Woolwich was all a hoax and you provided a link to some lunatic website.

  22. I’m sure my current mood is shading these thoughts, but I find most of the threads on atw extremely boring of late. The same things are said ad nauseam by the same five or six people. I know what every response will be (and by whom) before I even read the comments.

    I’m not knocking the posts, but it’d be nice to change it up a bit – get more people participating by creating the occasional dynamic response driven/non-ideological sort of content that might be more broadly interesting, accessible and welcoming to the people who infrequently speak here anymore and include the silent lurkers who might feel intimidated or find the five-way insider conversations not worth joining.

    Since I resigned my contributor rights many months back, here’s a suggested topic cadged from an elegant, interesting mind of a principled pragmatist.

    If we were to make a list of the top three most evil events in the history of mankind, what specific event(s) do you feel certain should make that list?

    Why not try more of these types of open-ended topics to expand discussion? I remember our brilliant Colm suggesting the very same thing several years back.

  23. Perhaps even Allan knows when he has strayed a bit too far into cloud cuckoo land 😉

  24. Wow Daphne, just when I get complimented up I pop !

    OK – let’s start the ball rolling with my choice of the 3 most evil events ever.

    I don’t think you can start that list without the Holocaust (Allan might disagree but hey)

    Second – The Stalinist stubborn collectivisation that forced millions of Russians into starvation and death.

    Third – A toss up between the same pig headed disastrous orthodoxy of the ‘Cultural revolution’ in China , or the stubborn misery that still causes endless unnecessary misery in North Korea today.

  25. Do the wiping out of Native Americans or Aborigines not get a look in?

    Perhaps even Allan knows when he has strayed a bit too far into cloud cuckoo land

    Maybe he’s embarrassed for saying Woolwich was a hoax performed by actors. He’s gone quiet on it anyway.

  26. Petr

    The list is a top 3. I can’t include everything bad that has happened on our planet 😉


    Why so coy ?. Getting blood out of a stone is easier than getting you to talk about Woolwich.

  27. Because it’s more entertaining to get you to produce the lunacy again. 🙂 And Colm wasn’t there the first time. Come on, be a sport!

  28. Allan, another hit on the opium pipe might be in order after perusing that last link.

    Big kisses, Colm!

    How about the brutal Spanish invasion of South America, Pol Pot’s bloody regime in Cambodia or the Armenian Genocide.

  29. Allan

    It’s quite obvious. A white rucksack becomes black due to unrestrained and deliberately organised immigration from ‘intellectually inferior races’ 🙂

  30. Pete, you have my abiding respect and friendship. But I fail to understand the greater point you keep trying to make with these government gone rogue/black op conspiracy posts.

    What am I supposed to do with this information? Radically change my government?

    That doesn’t seem feasible from any practical perspective.

  31. But I fail to understand the greater point you keep trying to make with these government gone rogue/black op conspiracy posts.
    What am I supposed to do with this information? Radically change my government?

    It comes back to your previous point about predictability. I’ve gone a couple of years without even visiting here, then I come back and the same five or six people are saying exactly the same thing! It’s probably cathartic, I think looking for a larger point might be a fruitless search.

  32. Its a mix of information, disinformation and cherry-picking.

    Caveat emptor.

  33. Is there any evidence that the two FBI Hostage Rescue Team guys who died were involved in the Boston operation or is it just conspiracy loon bullshit?

  34. 1. Sarah Lee stops making Orange Cake.
    2. Two Beatles, Two Members of the Who and a Rolling Stone dead. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith lives.
    3. Some Meddling Puritan invented the concept of Last Call.

  35. Fews – Even if they were involved (with about 10,000 other law enforcement officers who seem to have still lived) it is conspiracy loon time.

  36. you guys have to stop eating the brown acid…..

    nice one at 2:57 Mahons…

  37. isn’t funny how some of you run the same theme as the one that runs in Al-Qaedas Inspire magazine.

    O American people, your security will not be attained by denying security to other peoples, attacking them or oppressing them. Your security is in the hands of the fools among you who rule you with oppression and aggression. Know that oppression and aggression come back upon the heads of those who use them…

    Why is that ?

  38. Troll –

    Dunno what the Bilderbergers will be up to. They keep it a secret. We can be sure though that the plotting will be huge and nothing good will come of it. If they have nothing to hide, why not let everyone know? That’s what they tell the peasants.

    Al Qaeda’s glossy (you really can’t make it up), explains the CIA notion of blowback. The CIA believes what the non-existent A-Q mag is telling you. Why won’t you believe the CIA?

  39. Daphne –

    What can we do with any news or blog post? What can you do with an Andrew Sullivan opinion? What’s the point in me reading Colm’s 1,2,3 above? What can I do with that?

    In my case, I don’t think people should ever trust or believe government. Trust in government is the curse of the world and I want it to collapse, so I’ll make a small effort in bringing it about.

    Government propaganda is ubiquitous. We’re still allowed to counter it.

  40. so I’ll make a small effort in bringing it about.

    By posting nonsense on ATW? I’m sure the government are sh!tting themselves.

  41. Tarasov –

    You really are a dull, annoying twerp. Try to say something interesting occasionally.

  42. lol Come on, you must see how foolish it sounds? Do you tell colleagues and friends to read this or would you be embarrassed?

  43. How often does someone need to explain something before it penetrates your skull?

    From my posts on Woolwich it’s quite clear I don’t believe they were fucking actors.

    You really are a dull, annoying twerp.

    Respect the blog! RESPECT THE BLOG!

  44. Of course it sounds foolish, Tarasov, to those who have such touching faith in government. I’m still happy that my predictions comes right.

    What’s embarrassing is finding myself in dialogue with a bloke who thinks he’s Wolfie Smith.

  45. Personally, I have no faith in government whatever. That’s why I’m an activist. Someone like Agie isn’t an activist in the strict political sense but contributes to his community and is worthy of respect. You just sit on your hole posting self-indulgent twaddle. It’s pathetic Pete. I may be uncharitable to say it, but it’s true.

  46. To think that you believe (I hope you don’t really!) that writing here contributes to bringing down government… and then claim I’m some sort of deluded Citizen Smith type?!? pfff.. look in the mirror!

  47. You’re an “activist” are you, Petr? Gosh that sounds exciting. What’s your gang called?

    And what do you want to be when you grow up?

  48. Political activism is childish? That’s an odd perspective.

    I’m convinced that being an activist, working to improve the community one lives in, is a good thing, and certainly vastly better than sitting on one’s arse posting ‘ideas’ about how to chance society but never actually doing anything. That’s pathetic.

  49. Go on, what’s your gang called? Are you the Popular Activist Front or something?

  50. 99.99 percent of the population isn’t politically active in the sense of being ” activists ”

    And I’d think that plenty of the ” community organizers ” make things worse, not better. There are many examples of same in my town.

  51. Phantom — Most people aren’t. But most people don’t come on blogs like this bouncing off the walls, throwing around lunatic accusations about genocide, treason, colonisation… and then just sit back do nothing!

    If he believes half of what he says – for example that genocide is going on all around him – then he is the most immoral person imaginable, because he does nothing about it.

  52. He’s too smart to believe in half that stuff, including the libertarian hogwash.

  53. Petr – what is your gang collective called? As for somebody who claims to have no faith in government, why do you believe everything that it and its corporate owners tell you?

  54. //And here’s another:

    Man Struck, Killed By Taxi Cab In South Boston

    Has anyone ever tried to find out who’s behind these conspiracy websites, anyone know – in terms of their background, political leanings etc?

    Has any of them ever stood in front of a camera in the US and tried to explain his beliefs?

  55. Part of the gift that keeps on giving is their lack of mainstream exposure of lunatic ideas is “evidence” that their ideas are being suppressed or censored.

  56. Oh my god, they look normal. 🙁

    Another thing people should be aware of is that there are trash TV channels and news rags all over the world that reproduce this stuff. They will show anything that’s sensational (apart from Oscar Wilde’s diary), and will always be loath to dilute their “story” by including the opposite, more sober view.
    The result is that those who consume only such media, a huge mass of people, will start believing it. I have seen this happen in Germany and Italy with regard to the 9-11 theories. So what started out in some basement, as you say, somewhere in the States could soon become a widely accepted view on the other side of the world.

  57. Noel — The conspiracy nuts, from what I can gather, are mainly glue-sniffing the gumint gonna turn tyrannical any second types.

    Some are out in the open like Alex Jones and Mark Dice — the latter is particularly ridiculous. Allan would love him.

  58. Alex Jones is an entertainer. His audience, such as it were, is being conned every time, but they’re too dense and terrified to realize it.

    See who his advertisers are, too.

  59. It’s always instructive to see the drones damn conspiracy theories while believing in the greatest consipracies theories out there.

    The idea of Keynesian demand management is a fantasy which even Keynes disavowed, but the economics establishment still buys it.

    The idea that society would collapse if the state did not take the majority of our income and micromanage our lives is a delusional, conspiratorial trick, but the masses buy it.

    Lincoln was an anti-racist who fought a war to end slavery – this is conspiracy theory which doesn’t stand up to examination.

    The USS Maine was sabotaged – this is a widely believed conspiracy theory which even the US Navy doesn’t believe.

    That the US didn’t know the Japs would attack Pearl Harbor – the masses still believe this conspiracy theory.

    55,000 young Americans and millions more died because of the Gulf of Tonkin conspiracy theory.

    That a bum like Oswald acted alone and delivered miracle shots from behind, which made JFK’s head snap back – this is delusional conspiracy theory (ok, a lie), which the drones believe.

    Up and down the ages the masses have believed the most outrageous lies and conspiracy theories simply because their governments have told to believe. It’s still happening.

    Millions still believe Iraq had WMDs, millions believed when Wall St consfiscated trillions from Americans and central banks continued the theft, and now we’re being told that Assad is launching chemical weapons attacks, without the slightest evidence.

    Anyone who believes these things is a conspiracy theory-believing fool.

  60. What is noteworthy about those who shout ‘conspiracy theory’ when faced with evidence which challenges the official narrative is an absolute refusal to look at this evidence even when presented on a plate. At 10.46pm yesterday, I posted a link which showed CCTV images of the WHITE rucksack carried by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the BLACK rucksack which the FBI declared as having carried the bomb planted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and I invited discussion: there was no discussion.

    I have linked to two recent incidents concerning deaths of pedestrians in a car crash and the clear absence of major damage to the car involved. I then showed the pictures of the car which supposedly struck a man who survived the impact (apparently subsequently beheaded by the driver), and the car is a wreck yet there are no indications around the car of anything having been hit by the car. If there are no valid explanations for this anomaly, then it must be concluded that the car is a prop in the street-theatre.

  61. Pete – No so, you are a conspiracy theory-believing fool for so many other reasons.

  62. Have you ever considered trying street theatre yourself? Some sort of clown/jester would be your ideal character; would be almost like art imitating life!

  63. Allan:

    There have been several recent incidents in which pedestrians were struck by cars, I hope you can help explain.

    Here a pedestrian was struck on the freeway and did not die, nor is there much damage to the car.

    Here one person was killed and one wasn’t, and there’s plenty of visible damage.

    Most telling, here an onlooker was seriously injured by a one-person vehicle.

    How could all of these things be true, when every real collision has the same result? What are they trying to cover up?

  64. Neal – the point is that the damage to the Woolwich car is so great that anybody whose impact had been on the car to cause such damage would have had very little left to be attacked subsequently. The Woolwich car linked at 5.51pm is heavily damaged yet has struck nothing around or near it as can be seen from that photograph and several others which are even in MSM reports.

  65. Allan, who says that the damage to the car was necessarily caused by it striking a person? Remember that the photos of other car crashes which you linked to were ‘sincerely’ accidents, whereas the Woolwich attackers intended to stage a car accident in order to disable their target. There’s a huge difference there.

  66. Also, remember that the beheading would be largely a symbolic, “religious” act, in the minds of the attackers. They didn’t behead Mr Rigby primarily in order to kill him, it would not have mattered in what state his body was when they carried out that Koranic instruction.

  67. the point is that the damage to the Woolwich car is so great that anybody whose impact had been on the car to cause such damage would have had very little left to be attacked subsequently

    Maybe the car was bashed up a bit before they hit him. Or a million other possible explanations.

  68. That must have been a hell of a bashed up motor.

    It is an odd one when you look at the damage to the motor. There’s no way a pedestrian would cave the chassis in like that.

    Maybe the car hit the road sign. The V shape damage looks like it’s made by a pole. But then road signs are aluminium and dug a foot into the pavement. It the motor had hit the road sign with the force to cause that damage, the sign would have been well buckled too, but it’s completely upright.

    Nope, that’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s a description of the photographic evidence. Since it’s an open and shut case, ATW’s reality-based community can explain it.

  69. Pete – indeed, it’s a description of photographic evidence and the narrative does not match the evidence. I’m sure that there’s an explanation so we’ll leave Petr to push the government’s explanation, whatever it is and whenever it changes/twists/modifies just like that of the Boston bombing.

    Here’s the last text that the murdered soldier sent his mum the night before his apparent death. Those here should ask themselves whether it is credible:


    “Goodnight mum, I hope you had a fantastic day today because you are the most fantastic and one in a million mum that anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for supporting me all these years, you’re not just my mum you’re my best friend. So goodnight, love you loads.”

    Seriously, that is utter bollocks. It reads like something John-boy Walton would text his mother, but not in the real world surely? That’s more like a final farewell scripted in Langley for a false flag – oops, that where the ‘deceased’ supposedly lived. What a coincidence!

    None of the narrative bears scrutiny.

  70. Jesus, you have even less than normal! Seriously, you’re offering the fact that he sent a nice text to his mum as evidence of a conspiracy??

    And as I said, there’s a million and one possible explanations for the car being in bits.

    I’m not pushing a narrative, I’m just not a headcase.

  71. No, Pete, the front end of a car is relatively weak (as it consists of one plane of a square-shape) compared to whatever it impacts. Plus it’s the car that is moving, whereas the object of impact is usually relatively motionless. I’ve written off a car by hitting a deer at 45mph. You’d think the deer would have been smashed to pulp, but actually the front of my car crumpled up; the animal limped away relatively unharmed.

  72. PS, I must have got some weird fixation with the word ‘relatively’, I used it 3 times there!

  73. Tom – where is the head? If the victim was beheaded, there would be a head. And would a headless body have a pulse? Here’s the woman who checked the beheaded body for a pulse and gave one of the loitering murderers a piece of her mind before she got back on her bus – as interviewed by The Daily Telegraph. You can believe this if you want:


  74. Allan, Mr Rigby was “almost” beheaded and then dragged out into the road. That’s why the photos near the trees show a large bloodflow, but not the footage of the body in the street. Once the heart has stopped pumping, the blood will congeal pretty fast and will stop flowing. That’s why you see a bloody mess in the photos near the trees, but no blood once the almost-decapitated body has been dragged into the road. Blood from a corpse does not automatically drain out; it needs the heart to pump it out. If the heart has stopped pumping, the blood will congeal, as blood is a thick, viscous liquid.

  75. My darling Tom, Allan’s implacable wall of paranoia is beyond the grasp of rational argument.

    You won’t change his mind, it’s not worth bothering.

    Engaging for the sheer ironic shit & grin factor is another naughty pursuit altogether.

  76. Tom — He sent a text to his mum. Case closed. Stop with the silly rationality and pesky facts and boring common sense.

  77. Tom – there is no sign of a head in any picture, anywhere in the media, though at least this can be discussed. As for blood – look, no blood. The ‘blood’ was placed subsequently:


    But how a white rucksack becomes a black rucksack is still beyond explanation – see post at 11.20, May 30th.

    My dear government; the masses’ implacable wall of credulity is what you count on to allow you to get away with 9/11, 7/7, Boston and so much more. They believe everything your controlled media tell them. Well done!

  78. Is the army allowed act on the streets of Britain to prevent killings? This attack took place outside an army barracks, I believe. Would soldiers not have been entitled to rush out and tackle the killers immediately, instead of waiting 20 mins for armed police to arrive?

    Also, those guys in those furry hats outside certain buildings in London. I often wondered if they are entitled to use those bayonets to stop someone running past, or are they just ornaments.

  79. Interesting point Noel. I am pretty sure that of course the soldiers would have been allowed just like anyone else to take reactive action to defend someone being violently attacked, but they would not be allowed under the law to use violence to prevent a stage managed state sponsored propaganda piece of street theatre 😉

  80. // I am pretty sure that of course the soldiers would have been allowed just like anyone else to take reactive //

    Probably by using fist and boot, but I’ve a feeling they are not allowed use their weapons in Britain. I’m sure that would open a constitutional hornets nest. Some people are very sensitive about things like that.

    //violence to prevent a stage managed state sponsored propaganda piece of street theatre//

    LOL. When you think of normal actors’ salaries, all those policemen and soliders are really grossly underpaid.

    I wonder will we see any Oscar nominations from Wollwich or Boston next year.

    Maybe the conspiracy parallel world can hold their own Oscar event, for whoever they think did the best job.

    Mind you, they seem to be able to find so many faults in all productions – blood where there should be no blood, no blood where there should be blood etc. – that they’ll obviously be a very difficult jury to please.
    I foresee a day when people will become so sceptical that the real talent will have to be flown in from Hollywood to do the job properly.

  81. Noel –

    The furry hats is the Brigade of Guards. Acting as the Queen’s Guard is an operation posting and they are allowed to use lethal force if necessary as a last resort.

  82. Pete

    You mean for example when one of her subjects, say from Essex arrives at Buck House to arrest Her Maj as a ‘traitor’ 😉

  83. Allan

    Do you believe there was no killing at Woolwich ?

    Colm – I don’t know but nothing fits the narrative to the effect of a murder. We can be sure that Lee Rigby (from Langley) will be buried along with his name.

  84. “LOL. When you think of normal actors’ salaries, all those policemen and soliders are really grossly underpaid.”

    Yes, plus if Allan’s theories are to be believed there must be no such thing as an unemployed actor anymore. If you’re between gigs then you just apply for the local false flag operation.

    What are the auditions like though? Do you need to belong to Equity to get into one of these or can anyone apply? And what do the actors put on their CVs afterwards?

    Wouldn’t it be a bit of a giveaway if people were going around claiming to have been in charge of costume design for the Boston Marathon bombing (“the hats were my idea”), or to have had a speaking part in 9/11?

  85. It’s also pretty amazing that as dastardly as the CIA et al are they make so many mistakes that are easily spotted by Allan and friends, like applying fake blood in plain view of the camera. Allan did you look at the photographic evidence in my earlier post? If anything this proves that the woolwich killers are in the us now, wouldn’t you say?

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