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After several months of uncertainty, the Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam film Fitna was released via Liveleak earlier today. So far, the Dutch-language version of the film has received over 1.6million views, with the English-language version trailing with a paltry 780,000 views. I would imagine that the efforts of many – including the Dutch government and the hosts of Fitna’s English-language website – to censor the film, have in fact served to raise awareness of it. Although, I must add that if Wilders had not dedicated his life to resisting the Islamification of his country, then he might well have had an excellent career in promotions…

The film itself is below. I must say that there is very little there for Muslims to get wound up about: it consists primarily of quotations from their holy book, together with footage of the actions and statements of their coreligionists. If the “vast majority of moderate Muslims” feel that Islam is being misrepresented, then they should take that up with the Imams and other Muslims shown, rather than with Wilders. But no doubt they will instead prefer to cry “Islamophobia”, and will demonstrate that Islam is a Religion of Peace by once again calling for Wilders to be killed.

For my own part, I have to say that the film contained practically nothing that was new to me, although this may not be true for those who are less assiduous followers of the news than those of us who inhabit the blogosphere. I did feel, however, that the film had a certain power. But I will leave that for you to judge. In any event, I am delighted that the film has been released, and that the efforts to censor it have been soundly defeated.

Anyway, without more ado, here is Fitna (please note that, as is made clear at the start of the film, some of the images used are pretty explicit):


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5 thoughts on “Fitna Released

  1. As you said FR, nothing much in essence but he did use some verses I was unfamiliar with. The Islam: What the West Needs to Know film was much better overall. That said it’s short and sweet and makes its point well. It also puts the following into some perspective. Exactly what aspects of Islam were these children being taught. Would you feel happy if these were your children?


  2. Hey FR,

    We posted this at the same time, I’ve taken mine down since you have done such a good job.

  3. Its just a collage of footage. infact remove a couple of bits of text and it could easily be mistaken for an islamist propaganda peice.

    heres a real documentary so you can see how its done by the pros who actually have something to say, as opposed to just frightening further the already frightened.

  4. I can’t believe that meneer Wilders risked his life (and continues to risk his life) for this.

    I’d understood Fitna to be a tearing apart of the Koran, and showing it to be the offensive and degenerate work it is. I believe the film fell rather short of this. Daytripper very correctly points us to the real deal. Thanks, mate!

    All the above said, I do hope Wilders’s work raises the threshold of awareness in Europe a fraction. I sometimes wonder whether blogs such as ATW are among the few media that recognize the terrible danger we’re facing from emergent Islam. Several times in Fitna mention was made of the fact that Islam once dominated the world, and will do so again.

    Is anyone listening out there?

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