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I am not, as a rule, over-complimentary of our Justice and Prisons system; but there always is a first time for seeing things getting better. We see far too many lenient or virtually non-existent sentences passed by woolly, well-minded judges to be anything but truly cynical about the whole Justice process, but very occasionally we see a light shining through the murk.

So it is with a glad hand that I write of the sound and thoroughly welcome decision to keep the thieving, lying Asil Nadir in the friendly, cuddly confines of Belmarsh Prison instead of allowing him to fly off to Turkey, where he might, or might well not, have completed his sentence for fraud and embezzlement.

Apart from anything else, his defence was paid for by the British taxpayer, as he pleaded poverty; but was able to repay some five million quid under the threat of more prison time.


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