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I was on BBC London a few days ago and asserted my view that OXFAM is far from the benign charity it masquerades as. The host went apoplectic at this and I told him to calm – the fact is that OXFAM shills for the Labour party and socialism in general. Just the way it is.  Oxfam is not the only canker wrapped in swaddling clothes

Taxpayer’ money funded a team of lawyers fighting European Court of Human Rights cases on behalf of foreign criminals and illegal immigrants. The human rights quango the Equality and Human Rights Commission quietly gave nearly £200,000 to a pressure group so it could take controversial human rights cases to the court in Strasbourg. The charity group, the AIRE Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe), used the money to fight and win a series of cases and represented among others a Nigerian rapist and two Somali criminals who won the right to stay in Britain.

Of course they did! What could be more sexy and self fulfiling than ensuring that Nigerian and Somali criminals get to stay in the UK? What a breeze. I was amused to read that the CEO of AIRE, a certain Nicole Francis, is a keen ceramicist. She’s certainly helping shape a VERY different UK.


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