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worth the watch, the beginning of an evolution of news

this also juxtaposes the post below it, watch and take a lesson in life.

This speech/Q&A is important. It gives a great explanation as to what a Free Press truly is.

It is a long interview of Drudge by the Press at the beginning of the Drudge Report. I think you will find both the questions asked of him and his answers very revealing and instructive.

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4 thoughts on “15 Years Ago

  1. a quick poll…. has anyone had the opportunity to view this Press Club event?

    It is long and will take more time than most have. If you do have the time, I would be very interested in your opinions of the insights and perspective of both the questions put forth to him, his answers, and what you feel impact the Drudge Report has had on the news.

  2. shame your all so lazy, there is a lot that was both informative and relative to us all in this interview.

    how sad your limited views can be.

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