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It’s kind of IRONIC that Labour, the political party that INTRODUCED universal welfare benefits, wants to END them!

Labour would cut winter fuel payments for the UK’s richest elderly people if they won the next general election, Ed Balls is due to say. It would currently affect about 600,000 people over 61 who pay higher and top income tax rates – saving about £100m.

Here’s a better idea. AXE the £14 BILLION Overseas Aid budget and DOUBLE the winter fuel benefits for ALL our elderly citizens? Balls just wants to play class war games, hoping that he can appeal to ENVY. It shows the immorality at the heart of left wing politics. They don’t CARE about people, they want to divide and conquer.

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  1. It’s kind of IRONIC that Labour, the political party that INTRODUCED universal welfare benefits, wants to END them!

    As I previously posted ..

    ‘The sound of irony whooshing over the heads of the lefties, is the only thing faster than the speed of light’

  2. Ed Balls is the Coalitions greatest asset, the opposition clown which keeps on giving.

  3. Oh! the irony of it!

    To think that antipathy to any form of ‘means testing’ has been a cornerstone of socialist belief ever since they became a party. Now, when it suits their hypocritical, vote catching convenience, they change their tune.

    Quite apart from him not knowing even a little of his party’s history, I begin to doubt whether Balls even atended school.

    What an utterly greed driven moron!…

  4. I’m not a fan of Ed Balls but I think this is right. Someone who earns enough to pay the top rate of income tax shouldn’t have money handed to them just because they are over a certain age.

  5. I agree with Ross. There is no need for a knee jerk reaction to oppose this just because it is Labour proposing it. It is a waste of public money to give the fuel allowance to every pension aged person regardless of wealth. It is not ‘means testing’ either. It is the right policy to restrict this taxpayer funded handout.

  6. Colm,

    It is ‘means testing’ and it is hypocritical to pick when and where to use it.

    Every benefit should be means tested!!! It is called a ‘means test’, – not a ‘Ah! he deserves or doesn’t deserve it’ test.

    Socialist politicians – hypocrites to a man!

  7. All spending cuts involve making choices, and we have always had a variety of ‘benfits’ allocated for different reasons some universal,(State pension, child benefit,etc) some means tested, (income support, housing benefit) and others dependent on personal condition (mobility allowance, disability benefits etc.) under all politicians of all parties.This isn’t hypocritical. The winter fuel allowance is a fairly recent new allocation and it is perfectly right that it should go from being universal to being restricted to average and lower income pensioners.

    I don’t care which party does it, it is the right policy.

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