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Qaeda chief warns attacks on US in ‘everyone’s reach’

AFP – Al-Qaeda’s military chief in Yemen warned Americans in an audio message posted online Sunday that the Boston bombings revealed a fragile security as he urged Muslims to defend their religion.

Qassim al-Rimi, the military chief of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, said making bombs such as the ones used in the twin blasts in Boston in April, is within “everyone’s reach”.

“The Boston events… and the poisoned letters (sent to the White House), regardless of who is behind them, show that your security is no longer under control, and that attacks on you have taken off and cannot be stopped,” he said, in the message entitled: “A letter to the American people.”

“Every day you will be hit by the unexpected and your leaders will not be able to defend you,” warned the man whose organisation is considered by Washington the world’s most dangerous Al-Qaeda branch.

Rimi said the killing of Al-Qaeda’s founder Osama bin Laden in May 2011 and top Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in September 2011, had not ended the struggle.

“Have you eliminated the jihadist groups that have spread everywhere after they had only been in Afghanistan? Today, they are in your land or close to it,” he warned.

Just because your not at war with them does not mean that they aren’t planning on killing you….

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46 thoughts on “But we’re not at War

  1. Good (whatever it is where you are) Troll!

    As an Englishman I am seriously puzzled as to why your current POTUS is not getting more serious stick from the Republicans. It seems so strange that the perception I have of America wherein the opposition rails against the party in power, and appeals to to the American Dream, to America the World’s only Superpower, the World’s Policeman, the Leader and Defender of Western values seems to have lost its national confidence.
    Now rather than get into a slanging match,
    i.e. Fiery patriotic comments versus Smart arse sophisto/cosmo/liberal comments ,we could actually have an intelligent debate amongst ourselves.
    We did it recently with a loose, atheist/agnostic evolution versus God/Creation/First Cause discussion, why couldn’t we concentrate really hard and instead of scoring points share our points of view, invite criticism and listen to each other?

    My suggestions would be,

    a) Does the ATW house agree that the America many of us grew up believing in (i.e. European/Christian roots, boundless faith in the future) has gone forever?

    b) Do our American brethren (who as far as I am aware also have roots in Europe) now believe that in fact that the America which came to the rescue albeit at a price, of Europe) NEVER exist, or has continued immigration changed America forever?

    c) IF you believe as I do, that Iraq and Afghanistan showed the limitations of America’s “shock and awe” reliance on computer type weaponry, is that the reason that America as a nation has lost its confidence in the “old” American values and was willing to elect as their President an ex-Muslim/Marxist influenced/ex-Pot smoking/Saul Allinsky Social organising/anti Capitalist intelligent man as their President?
    and finally,
    d) Is it this loss of confidence in “old time American values and assumptions” which accounts for the (apparently) growing acceptance of Islamic influence on American foreign policy and social demographics?

    Now please feel free to question my questions, but if ATW hopes to be taken seriously, lets try and discuss these issues rationally, without insults, without resorting to diversionary tactics or poking fun.

    Let’s treat each other with respect, accept that people post here because we think the people who read our posts are rational, respectful and open minded.
    Let’s resist the temptation to finger point, and just have a leisurely, thoughtful discussion.

  2. the Republican leadership has a huge problem with it’s own party both elected members and the base because of their lack of opposition.

    America’s faith in the future is far from over, at least on the level of the people. We have saddled ourselves with a political class that the system was never designed to have with motives contrary to the health of the nation. It will swing back in the other direction.

    Immigration continues to give the US strength. Unregulated ILLEGAL Immigration saps our resources, and the political class refuses to deal with the issue.

    Iraq and Afghanistan showed nothing except a repeat of the lessons that we thought we had learned and dealt with after vietnam.Our military did exactly what they were supposed to do, and proved once again they can not be defeated or opposed. What happened just as in vietnam the Democrat politicians took control of operational military command, screwed the Iraqi’s and undid the majority of the gains our military made.

    The Islamic issue is another symptom of the heads up their ass view out of Washington controlled in majority by the left wing wackjob crowd, that refuse to look at the world through a perspective of reality.

  3. Thank you Trollio for responding.
    “the Republican leadership has a huge problem with it’s own party both elected members and the base because of their lack of opposition.”

    Okay this is the only part of your comment I am going to address right now.

    WHY is there a lack of opposition from the Republicans? What has happened to all those Americans who believed in the rightness of America’s cause, the rightness of American democratic values, and the sheer overwhelming POWER of your military? What has changed?

  4. nothing has changed, we just have gotten stuck at a point in the cycle of our system where the wrong people have been in office for to long.

    A8 if you get the time watch that Drudge interview. I’d be interested in your opinion of his views.

    Off to work, see ya tonight.

  5. Now please feel free to question my questions, but if ATW hopes to be taken seriously, lets try and discuss these issues rationally, without insults, without resorting to diversionary tactics or poking fun.

    Agit – how many times have I asked the above of you?

    If al-Qaeda were so omnipotent, why don’t their people attack the leaders of the US and its institutions? Al-qaeda is simply a CIA front intended to maintain the perception of ‘terrorism’ and thus justify the removal of liberties in the US, said removal of liberties meeting with the approval of the great majority of those who are losing their liberties. U-S-A, U-S-A yelled the mob when 9,000 troops and police stormed a Boston suburb and captured a guy who had been carrying a WHITE rucksack earlier in the week.

  6. Agit – how many times have I asked the above of you?”

    I have tried for a long time on ATW to listen and respond to your comments.
    I tried reasoning.
    I tried humour.
    I tried finding some points in common .
    As far as I am concerned you have shown yourself to be anti -Jewish/anti -Israeli/anti- Holocaust/anti -Humanitarian/anti -empathetic with the human condition.
    So sorry Buddy,
    I am not interested.

  7. Troll

    If you believe the Al Qaeda twaddle then they really have won. This is a marginalized and broken organization trying to sound relevant.

    They are having to take credit for operations they were clearly not involved in

  8. EP,
    please look at my original comment. It’s not about Al Queda as such, it’s more about what has happened in the US to make it so accepting of an Administration which seems I say seems to have radically departed from the gung ho US model it once was.
    I want a debate, not a slanging match.

  9. And I was commenting on the actual article, sort of what the point of the site is!

    As for the America gung ho attitude, that is a fairly new phenomena and frankly it is impossible to maintain such momentum on a long term and ongoing basis

  10. Right EP,
    May I take it that you read my original comment and that you see no problem with the radical departure from both the Bush’s priorities and assumptions in their Administrations to the current POTUS, and his apparent acceptance of Islam and its influence within the USA coupled with an apparent downgrading of traditional American status and international influence?

  11. //And I was commenting on the actual article, sort of what the point of the site is!//

    Did you not notice you’ve strayed into Nuts Corner?

  12. A8

    It took FDR to break the american trend to isolationism and having their wings clipped in Korea and Vietnam they have mostly returned to the small ball super power games. The bush doctrine has nearly bankrupted the country and I dare say we won’t see such grandstanding until the nations finances are back in hand.

    So they may be the pre-eminent super power today, their ability to stay on top is teetering because of their need to be the bully boss.

    The americans are 2 or 3 generations ahead in weapons then any nation on earth but what does that profit them? Sure they have the greatest fighter jets in the sky but the stone age Afghani’s don’t fly planes

    they have the gnarliest tech but they also have all the problems associated with being cutting age, the biggest one is that right now the cost does not out weigh the benefit

    Sure the Abrams a-1 tank is the fastest, best tank in the world but a WW2 Sherman would have been just as effective Afghanistan and they could have had hundreds for the price of 1 Abrams

    Is the American projection of power by force of arms over, it has to be as they have no money for the non-stop war.

    Is the american projection of power over, it doesn’t have to be, but the bickering and back stabbing that appears to be the norm in american politics means that every one is losing respect.

    Its not however Obama’s fault, republicans seem over joyed to stop everything just because and as the old saying goes

    We either hang together or we hang seperatly

  13. anti -Humanitarian/anti -empathetic with the human condition.

    Agit – you’ve already had your foreskin burnt on that one. I’m opposed to jewish boys being made suffer the mutilation of ritual circumcision whereas you are in favour. Your comment above is a sick joke typical of one who cannot see his own profound hypocrisy.

  14. Thank you EP.
    So what do you think has changed in the American psyche that they seem to have turned from apparently believing in those old fashioned American values which took them into Muslim countries supporting regimes friendly to the West and supplying them with weaponry and food, to an apparent acceptance of a more radical Islam, more aggressive towards the West and able to set up large communities in the USA and have more influence within the current regime?

    I find it difficult to understand how much American attitudes towards (extremist) Islam seems to have changed.

  15. dead bodies, a seemingly endless supply of crippled vets and no “victory” to be had. Add that to the Bush economic malaise and america has simply run out of petrol.

    Too bad they have not run out of chicken hawks

  16. It seems to me that
    a) America ( or its leadership/politicians) no longer believes in the American dream.
    The big companies outsource, more of the economy is going over to bureaucratic desk type jobs. There is a growing service industry and of course the arms/aircraft industry.
    b)Amongst ordinary Americans there is a sense of hopelessness and just trying to survive any way you can.

    So at the top America no longer believes in itself and that cynicism is gradually filtering down through society. For extremist Muslim groups that means whilst they know America retains the hard weaponry and large numbers of military personnel, they also know that Americans themselves have seen their power rendered impotent and their values rejected across the Muslim world. They have actually won the ideological battle and it’s now just a matter of time.

  17. yes EP it’s Bush’s fault.

    So Al-Qaeda is a figment of the imagination, and American Gung Honess is a new thing.

    You know the depth of delusional characters that inhabit this site at times really makes one wonder.

  18. Yeah trolly it is, after you had your ass handed to you by the vietcong you sat on your hands till Grenada, which you should have been able to seize with the members of the greater Los Angeles boy scouts, but emboldened by your success you engaged with ever larger targets like ohhh say Panama and other super powers.

    And if you can explain to me how Obama imploded the usa economy in 2008 I will donate $50.00 to the republican party

    A8 I do not think that the present administration believes any less in american exceptionalism, they are just trying to garner a little american acceptionalism

  19. oh ok the Vietnamese kicked our ass, but your not delusional.

    You have no concept about America or Americans your a cantankerous old man that can’t even face the issues of his own nation let alone analyze an others.

    Your statement about Obama destroying the economy, like I have ever said that. Your senile.

    Obama didn’t screw the economy, Bush didn’t Screw the economy. The fact that you think the President has anything to do with the economy except in trying to guide it in a one or the other direction punctuates just how truly ignorant you are.

    Congress controls the economy you git. Good bad or indifferent the House and then the Senate either make it or break it, but this simple fact is beyond your grasp. The President gets the credit or the blame, but other than trying to set a tone they don’t have shit to do with it.

    It never ceases to amaze how so many of you are “experts on America” and you just have no clue.

    Oh and in Vietnam the US never lost a battle even the Tete Offensive. We lost 53,000 soldiers to them and the Vietnamese lost 1,100,000 North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong military personnel… you can call that an American military loss your type usually does. Somehow though the numbers don’t add up to your view.

  20. Vietnam ripped my country apart, but it wasn’t because we lost. It was because we realized there was no reason for it.

    Another concept beyond your grasp amongst many Petr.

  21. Er, Troll –

    “yeah this is the vietnamese winning”

    That’s a film, not a documentary.

  22. Vietnam ripped my country apart, but it wasn’t because we lost. It was because we realized there was no reason for it.

    Note the use of ‘we’. The ruling class aren’t ‘we’. You didn’t get a say in the matter, mate. But notwithstanding that, I appreciate the sentiment: ‘oh darn, we killed a few million folks in that there Asia, but shucks, looks like there was no damn reason for it. Oh well, no harm done.’

  23. no crap really Pete I thought it was real…. unlike you my friend my feet are still in reality. How did the bilderberger meeting go? Did they decide the outcome of the next war or did they just sell us all as slaves to the aliens?

    Petr there is no ruling class in the US. There are those that have achieved power and those that haven’t.

    You see unlike in your murderous philosophy of how people should live. In mine anyone can be what they want, rich, poor, powerful or weak. It’s your choice.

    and your right no harm done. If you ain’t American buddy you don’t really count. The only kin we honor off our shores are the UK and the Jews. The rest of you are either in the way or something to make money off of…. boo hoo

  24. The Viet Cong didn’t hand anyone’s ass to them, unless you’re speaking of South Vietnamese civilians who failed to do what the Viet Cong wanted. The disobedient Vietnamese civilians surely had their asses handed to them in Hue, and in lots of other places.

    The US military won every battle there, including the Tet Offensive, which many think was a US defeat but which was not.

    They US killed many more Viet Cong / N Vietnamese troops than they lost there.

    But war isn’t just about who wins the battles. You can lose every battle and still win the war, which is basically what happened in Vietnam.

    South Vietnam fell when Ted Kennedy and the Democrats voted to stop military aid to the South Vietnamese government. If that had not happened, South Vietnam would have remained a viable entity for a longer time, perhaps a much longer time.

    The US suffered a gaping wound entirely of its own making in Vietnam. But the Vietnamese, who did not start that war, suffered a hundred times worse.

    An astonishing aftermath, which I have a hard time getting my head around, is that the Vietnamese bear very little grudge against the US. They seem to see ” the American War ” as an accident of history, a chapter that is over with.

  25. yes you won Vietnam, that is why you got chased out of your own embassy making emergency extractions from the roof by helicopter

    And I never said that the Bush controlled the economy

    But his disastrous war mongering is what has crippled your economy, coupled with deregulation and under taxing a war he forked you good

  26. EP

    Please read again about Vietnam, slowly.

    The financial deregulation bill was signed by Clinton, not Bush. It had bipartisan support.

    And the root of the problem in real estate, the securitization of mortgages, and hedges / bets against these investments, was something still new, which was never regulated effectively before, in the US or London anyway.

    It was not a failure of regulation, since it wasn’t regulated before, nor was it a failure of deregulation, since you can’t deregulate what was never regulated in the first place ( Credit Default Swaps )

  27. Troll,
    I was hoping that more people would actually reflect on what appears to me (I could be mistaken of course) ,
    to be a huge sea change in America’s attitude to Islam and by implication, Israel.
    Your current President does not seem to really believe in either an economically strong America or in traditional American values. In fact even taking into account EP’s
    ” A8 I do not think that the present administration believes any less in american exceptionalism, they are just trying to garner a little american acceptionalism” it still seems to me that Barack Obama has not bought into being American. In fact he seems to be far more interested in not offending Islam, than he does in protecting American interests and values.

    ATWers talk about sheeple and drones etc., but it seems to me that America has changed radically since Barack became President, but no one really cares and those that do comment on it are regarded as extremists.
    Am I wrong?

  28. Phantom, there were very few set battles in VN, and winning them all or killing more of the enemy is irrelevant. The VC and to a great extent the North VNese were insurgents, and they fought an insurgency and not a war. If it had been a traditional war, the US would have won; as it was an insurgency the VC won.

    War is a complex of many factors, of which the military is only one. Supplies, the economy, recruits, public support, etc also have to be taken into account inasmuch as they can influence one side or the other. The Vietnam war was highly asymmetric, in that these factors didn’t apply equally or at all for one or the other of the two parties. The US, as a media driven political system and an open society, obviously needed the cooperation of the media more than, say, the N Vietnamese did, or the SU did in Afghanistan, etc.
    Public support was in the VN war also necessary for both sides, but in totally different ways. The VC needed it to keep the supply of volunteers (and in this they were helped greatly by the US bombing campaign) while the US needed it for poltical reasons – draft resistance, Congress reelections, etc.

    The winner will always be the side that secures and uses its particular resources best in the context of the particular type of war, and in that sense the North Vietnamese/VC won.

  29. You know your all wrong when both Phantom and I are in total agreement. His summation of both topics is right in every aspect.

    A8, America hasn’t changed as dramatically as it seems to the outside. What gives that perception is Obama is the first Socialist not to hide his socialist/marxist beliefs and training. This has freed many in both our government and our press to also expose their true belief system.

    There is a slowburn taking place inside the bubble that surrounds the US. How it’s going to flare up is the question. The general mood of the American people is very rarely seen outside our borders. This site is a very exceptional view on just how truly split our society is on some issues, but not on others.

    Look at how bitter the interactions between the americans on here are. And as with the internals in my country what do you see? The left is here daily constantly weighing in on everything. The right really only has two people that still comment on this site. Patty, and Me. (I wonder if the fact that we are both Pats has any cosmic significance:) )

    That is how it is internally, most people of a conservative bend are too busy to play this silly game. And the only time we react as a group is when angered.

  30. Noel

    I don’t dispute that.

    The US could have won every battle to the extent that there were battles for a thousand years, but it didn’t matter. In year 1001 the Vietnamese would have always walked thorough the gates.

    The US lost the will to fight. And when that happens, its over.

    General Macarthur counseled against getting involved in a land war in Asia. We didn’t listen.

  31. A8

    your link tells one narrative. The Doctrine of Credibility which is never discussed is a truer reason for our involvement in Vietnam.

    The Doctrine of Credibility came from a cabinet meeting in the Kennedy White House. The policy dictates that we must continue to fight small wars even under the constraints of no real gain so to send a signal to the then Soviet Union that we were willing to suffer such atrocities and would therefore be willing to pull the nuclear trigger if push came to shove.

    It is also the public realization of that Doctrine that ripped my country apart internally

  32. Up until say 1967 – 1968 the war had considerable support among a big swath of the US population, esp among veterans / construction workers, etc.

    The NY Daily News paper was very important then, with a vast circulation. Their editorials supported the Vietnam War until late in the game. They were extremely far right, and they openly rooted for the Sino – Russian split to break out into war, and broadly hinted that it would be a great idea for the US to bomb China ” before it was too late ”

    Those were different days, and they were not good.

  33. The Troll,
    Good stuff.
    I think all “big countries” (one of my favourite films by the way) are handicapped by virtue of their size. China included. The country is so big that it appears to its inhabitants to be “the” country. So in education everything is taught as revolving around “us” rather than realising that once we start interacting with the world, we may in fact be somewhat out of the loop.
    (That recent documentary about the American military experience in Afghanistan where the US officer finds out that young boys are “retained” as servants and what some of we English would call bum boys to be used and abused by the adult males. He realised more and more that what he thought he (US) was fighting for and what they (Afghani nationals) were fighting for were two different things.

    Regarding your ” The right really only has two people that still comment on this site. Patty, and Me.” observation is why I instinctively relate to you as opposed to some others here, who are too much in the Petrkin mould.
    They are full of sarcasm, pious liberalism and an arrogant Western based inclusivism that defends anything and everything as long as it ain’t Christian and morality based.

    You and I will not agree on some issues but (I think) we recognise the passion and sincerity in each other which is willing to listen to another person’s view, if we feel our own views are being respected.

  34. I unlike most here tend to believe love to hear a well argued opposing view.

    All I ask is that someone be honest with their view.

    A wise man once said “I may not agree with your opinion, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to have it”

  35. Troll,
    Your 2:30pm fits in with my belief that perception is often as important as objective fact.
    If you accept that the American culture was very much to do with the American Dream and success and self belief, then to be on the losing side would not go down well.

    Even if we accept the Domino principle and why it was important to oppose Communism, to be confronted by a technologically inferior culture which still managed to defeat you was a hard pill to swallow. If in your own culture you think your way of life better than, and more powerful than any other defeat is hard to comprehend.

  36. //They were extremely far right, and they openly rooted for the Sino – Russian split to break out into war, and broadly hinted that it would be a great idea for the US to bomb China ” before it was too late ”//

    That’s intersting. I didn’t know that.

    Does anyone ever Point out to them the scale of the mistake they were calling for, in view of how things in both places more or less righted themselves?

    Also interesting about blue-collar workers. Were even the trade unions in the US generally supporting the war at that time?

  37. I’m not sure.

    I know that in supposedly liberal NYC that construction workers beat up anti war protesters in a famous incident.

    The Hard Hat Riot occurred on May 8, 1970 in Lower Manhattan. The riot started about noon when about 200 construction workers mobilized by the New York State AFL-CIO attacked about 1,000 high school and college students and others protesting the Kent State shootings, the American invasion of Cambodia and the Vietnam War near the intersection of Wall Street and Broad Street. The riot, which spread to New York City Hall, lasted little more than two hours. More than 70 people were injured, including four policemen. Six people were arrested.


    Those were very different days – and there were many factors to things like this, including a generation gap that was very broad at times.

  38. Hey Troll,
    In relation to my “I was hoping that more people would actually reflect on what appears to me (I could be mistaken of course) ,
    to be a huge sea change in America’s attitude to Islam and by implication, Israel.

    Have you seen this?
    “Who needs Bradley Manning when you have the US government leaking Israeli secrets? The US government publicized classified information detailing the design and specifications of Israel’s Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system, including its location and the thickness of protected launch silos.”

    US Leaks Details of Israeli Missile System

  39. yeah saw it….

    Phantom in NY your not a Liberal, anywhere else you would be…. except Chicago or LA

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