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As a complete contrast to Troll’s post below, which concerns life and death, I would like to tell you about a Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation (QUANGO) for which you, the taxpayers of this benighted Country are paying through the nose to allow them to exist, and the vital work (sarcasm alert!!!) which they are doing.

Consider a time when the weekend approaches, and you call your wife and tell her that you have arranged sitters for the kids, and you are both going out for a well-earned dinner, and possibly a trip to see a movie. She is delighted that you are so considerate, because you have shown that you appreciate her work as much as your own, and you know that the best way of enjoying your time together is when someone else does the cooking.

So you pitch up at your favourite restaurant, scan the menu and the wine list, because you came by taxi and don’t have to worry about drinking and driving; and gaze into your wife’s eyes and just know that you are going to have a good evening. The waiter arrives, you give him your order, along with a wine selection; and get ready for some relaxed chatter with your wife. But the waiter does not leave your table straight away; but leans in and courteously asks, “Have you thought about cutting down on your food order? Tried asking for a smaller portion of chips? Have you ever considered the fact that there are millions starving in India / Africa / China because of your profligate eating habits?”

Apart from wondering which hospital the waiter will end up in after you are finished battering him into the carpet, what would your response be, especially to the people behind this grotesque programme? Will WRAP be forever in your thoughts, or would you be consigning the likes of Liz Goodwin, who ‘earns’ some £186,000.00 last year, to the same place as the cold chips which remain on your plate?


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3 thoughts on “mummy bear, baby bear and daddy bear.

  1. These will be the teachers, nurses and librarians that some idiots pretend we will hurt if we cut down on public spending.

  2. WRAP’s vision is a world without waste,

    Liz Jones salary not including ‘Expenses’ £186,000 par year

    Is that the sound of Irony whooshing over heads… again

  3. 186K is the pay. Full costs are much more.

    Quite rightly we would be met with violence if we refused to cough up for that. Society would collapse otherwise.

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