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Well done smokers!

BBC: Recent figures suggest 8 billion illicit cigarettes were bought in the UK last year, about 16 per cent of the total market.

An “illicit” cigarette merely being one on which the state is denied its monstrous skim of course. This year, more billions!

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9 thoughts on “STARVING THE BEAST

  1. All my cigars are bought outside the UK. I’m sorry for the high street tobacconists but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  2. I think you’re letting your anarchist leanings blind you to the even worse health risks from these cigarettes. Bad and all as the ones manufactured by the large companies, imitation cigarettes are even worse for health, which is saying something.

    But, I suspect the health of your fellow citizens is not high up on your list of priorities.

  3. smcgiff –

    It’s not me skimming so much tax loot that thousands of smokers are induced to buy “illicit” fags.

  4. Where is the evidence to support this vast figure. All gone in lots of puffs of smoke I presume.

    Like Pete says. It’s an unintended consequence of gubbermint greed. Tax less increase the take as people won’t be inclined to go for the black market. Economics 101 for those ministers who were asleep during the lecture.

  5. One of the biggest tax failures I am aware of is not getting tax relief on care homes.

    So you need 24/7 care. It is not a luxury. It costs more than your income (pension and investment return) but you are still paying income tax as well!

  6. If the govt think it needs tax revenues, it’s going to get it from somewhere. If there’s a shortfall in tobacco exise, then it can simply make up for it in higher income taxes.

  7. Smoking is pretty stupid. Maybe cut it out and then you don’t have to worry about high prices.

  8. Isn’t it pathetic to see tobacco sales locked behind doors in UK supermarkets.

    I was in Luxembourg last week visiting relatives, and there were huge tobacco shops with windows full of every kind pipe, rolling tobacco & cigarettes.
    There were pubs and cafés which allowed smoking on the premises, and those that didn’t: You had a choice.

    Needless to say I bought back nearly £300 of bulk golden virginia at nearly half the UK price, (all hail the USA) which will last me perhaps two years.
    And yes, I DO feel sorry for our own tobacconists here, but what are the alternatives when you have a crooked, rapacious State that has run out of our money, and wants it all back again?

  9. I’m very much opposed to smoking – for myself. Others who wish to smoke should be encouraged to smoke decent quality produce which means freely-bought tobacco and not the corporate cigarettes. In the cafes of Italy, I quite liked the smell of good cigars and hand-rolled ciggies even though I’m a non-smoker.

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