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By Pete Moore On June 6th, 2013

Severe floods hit central Europe this week. As far as I can tell it’s Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Germany that have been effected. This is Meissen, near Dresden, where the Elbe has burst its bank. I think that one or two ATW regulars live in central Europe. Do we know anyone affected?



  1. My sister lives in Berlin, apparently is fine there. Noel probably knows more.

  2. Not here. Whether floods, snow avalanches, or neo-Nazi Groups – all natural disasters seem to happen in the east.

    The Rhine is doing ist own fast ‘n furious of course, with water up to the banks and a vast mass of water racing past here in Duesseldorf. But it’s good to see how well prepared they are, with civil defence workers putting up barriers overnight in many places. All freight traffic on the river has been stopped. My wife actually saw surfers on it today. You have to have balls.

  3. The pictures from Venice are shocking…

  4. I just returned from Poland (i was in Brzeg mostly) last week but thankfully missed the worst of it. Although it was raining pretty heavily most of the time i was there.
    I have friends all over Central Europe and some say it’s pretty bad.
    Nice to see though that BBC Northern Ireland News seem to think that Czechoslovakia still exists 🙂
    Looks like a basic knowledge of Geography is not needed for a job with the BBC.

  5. An German acquaintance of my daughter said that her husband’s factory had been inundated under four feet of flood water. All production stopped, all workers evacuated before the worst floods hit, but weeks before all will be dry again.

  6. surfers are all crazy….

    Noel you live in Germany?

  7. Yes me. I’ll be making Reinsurance recoveries on our Lloyds Syndicates RI’s for this Catastrophe. Keeps me in a job it does. That’ll be the ill wind etcetera.