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By a peace protester. I told you those peace protesters were violent. That this happens at all is a disgrace – that it happened to Skye, who is always pleasant and reasonable, is a double disgrace. That it was a male striking a female is just even worse. We’re behind you Skye – and so angry that this happened. We know that you have the support and strength of those who stand with you weekly in West Chester. We want you to know that you have our support as well. The perpetrator is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, as he committed this assault while obviously being filmed. I know that is small comfort to our Skye, who had to experience the abuse – recorded or not.

Troll and I have witnessed the nastiness and violence of the peace protesters. We have also heard some horror stories. Nothing has ever happened to us personally. Violent peace protesters are an interesting, if sometimes dangerous, breed. The irony of their actions is not apparent to them. This is what we face. Stupid-asses who can oftentimes be violent while screaming how they are for peace. Stupid-asses who will rip your sign to shreds while screaming how they are for freedom of speech.

Well – it is a free country and they can scream all they want. We do live in the United States of America, afterall. Our right to offend is still recognized (thank goodness), but we certainly have no right to physically assault another for no good reason. Thank goodness for that, too.

Thank you Skye – and thanks to all of you brave souls standing together in West Chester. Thank you for showing up every week to let the world know that many of us support and love our troops.

Grizzly Mama

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16 thoughts on “Our Friend, Skye, Was Physically Assaulted

  1. Nobody should be physically attacked because of simple protesting or counterprotesting. I trust the cops arrested the perp.

  2. I do believe that he was arrested, Mahons. He didn’t go easily. The police had a bit of a struggle with him, too. Whacko disguised as a peace protester.

  3. ‘Nobody should be physically attacked because of simple protesting or counterprotesting.’

    Hmm Burntollet…etc etc. A good whack over the head with a baton is part and parcel of protesting. Well here it is;-)

    Hope your chum is ok though guys!

  4. Cait,

    How can you go from America AD 2008 to Northern Ireland AD 1969 without missing a beat?

    But I take your point. BTW were those chaps who attacked a peaceful march with the connivance of the forces of law and order ever brought to justice?

  5. Cait,

    How can you go from America AD 2008 to Northern Ireland AD 1969 without missing a beat?

    It took a bit of doing Dawkins my fine fellow. But being clobbered by a peeler is no great shakes is it,even in different parts of the UK, although being clobbered by a counter demonstrator is a little different from the norm IMO,but then I suspect that a whack over the head feels the same no matter who administers it eh?;-)

    No they were never brought to justice AFAIK.

  6. Cait,

    A "peeler"!

    Isn’t that what we called the cops in the 19th century? Or was it the 18th? :0)

  7. Cait, I think you’re confusing your attack venues once again (we’ve been here before). The marchers at Burntollet Bridge were clobbered by Paisleyites and various Orange trash. The Peelers stood by and failed to protect them, but did not clobber them.

    The Civil Rights march that got clobbered by Peelers (well, the most famous one anyway) was in Duke St. Derry, in October 1968, when, inter alia, Gerry Fitt got his head split by an RUC Superintendent (no mere constable for clobbering our Gerry) who was an acquaintance of his.

  8. BTW, how do we know that this woman got "clobbered", or was even assaulted at all?

  9. ‘The Peelers stood by and failed to protect them, but did not clobber them.’

    I stick to my opinion that the peelers were just as guilty. Some where in plain clothes and joined in,to me thats clobbering, perhaps not with a baton,but those marchers were clobbered. They also warned the demonstrators that they could be hurt, but that hardly makes them angels.

    Anyhow Noel, we shall agree to differ 😉

  10. Noel she was holding a camera and filming (which caught the whole thing on tape) as she was knocked off her feet with the first strike and then hit again when she got up. I think catching it on film was enough proof not to mention all the witnesses.

  11. ever heard of agents provocateur?

    keep us all posted on the progress of this story please. it could well be merely the actions of one dick, but that wont stop rightworld from applying collective guilt.

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