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between Iraq and a hard place.

By Mike Cunningham On June 16th, 2013

Said the Prime Minister, whilst crossing both sets of fingers behind his back:-

I want to help the Syrian opposition to succeed and my argument is this: yes, there are elements of the Syrian opposition that are deeply unsavoury, that are very dangerous, very extremist, and I want nothing to do with them

But there are elements of the Syrian opposition who want to see a free, democratic, pluralistic Syria that respects the rights of minorities, including Christians, and we should be working with them.

He warned supporters of President Bashar Assad to turn their backs on their leader or face “a day of reckoning” for their involvement.

We shall be striving to separate the ‘Good, Bad & Ugly’ before arming the chosen ones with ground-to-air missiles; and they all will have to promise, and ‘cross-their-hearts-and-hope-to-die’ not to sell these extremely sophisticated weapons on to jihadi groups who wish to do a ‘Woolwich’ on a slightly larger scale; he said.

Now all he has to do is lie convincingly enough to get a vote through Parliament; and he is ready to do a ‘Tony Bliar’ on Syria.

What is it with Eton-educated clowns which make them want to interfere with an Arabic dispute, between Arabs of varying sects, with the future promise of lots more bloodshed for anyone who wants to stick their soldiers’ noses into a war which is really none of their business?

One Response to “between Iraq and a hard place.”

  1. It’s not just those educated at Eaton. There are fools from every background that we have elected.