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Ron Paul, Slugging Centerfielder!

By Phantom On June 20th, 2013

Let me take you back in time to 1983. The Democrat congressmen faced off against the Republican congressmen in the annual ” friendly ” baseball game.

And who was the star of the show, but power-hitting gynecologist / centerfielder Ron Paul of Texas!
He crushes a double, hits a single, tries a sneak bunt. The evil Democrat pitcher hits him with a pitch at 7:17 and the camera suspiciously goes on the fritz at that moment. Coincidence?

You can’t play this well without loving the game. And here, Ron Paul is a lean mean hitting machine having a good old time. Good for him! Even in that garish old Houston Astros uniform!

3 Responses to “Ron Paul, Slugging Centerfielder!”

  1. Oh my God, that was wonderful!

    I’d completely forgotten how decent things used to be not so long ago.

    Nowadays, everyone across the aisle is the devil incarnate or an un-American maroon.

    Hat’s off to you for finding something genuinely nice to say about the wonderful Ron Paul.

  2. is that Barney Frank doing color?…. lol

  3. He is the only Congressman to hit a legitimate over the wall home run in this annual ball game.

    He was elected in the ” Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame ” for this feat ( who knew there was one? )