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Because They Have Nothing Else To Do

By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2008

SUCH DIGNITY! Two ministers of the Crown, the Rt. Hon. Ed Balls MP and Rt. Hon. Andy Burnham MP, clearly with nothing better to do, decided to have some jolly japes in Brixton, South London, this morning.


Absurd as it seems, this pair of clowns were actually on government business:

The high-ranking pair took to the swings at Slade Gardens adventure playground in Brixton to launch a consultation document on Play Strategy …. As part of the £235m strategy children across the country will get an extra 3,500 play areas and 30 local authorities will get £2 million each to build new adventure playgrounds …. The Government will also introduce a new play indicator, meaning that every year children and young people will be asked how satisfied they are with their local play areas and parks.

Wow, important business! So important that two (count’em) Cabinet ministers are required for the announcement <sarc/off>.

This is where our Tribunes of the People have brought us. Of course play areas and adventure playgrounds do not come under the heading of ‘government business’. They shouldn’t fall within the remit of local government even, but such is their importance they are elevated to Cabinet business. Why? Because this is all they have left to talk about. Our traitorous politicians have stolen our right to govern ourselves and handed it to a foreign power. Parliament is now so neutered, so powerless, that the only laws it now passes are faxed from Brussels. Within weeks, with Royal Assent given to the EU Constitution, everything will have gone. Already the Commons is full only for the (now ridiculous) Prime Minister’s Questions and debate is nonexistent. These traitorous swine have nothing left to talk about, because they’ve given it all away, and so we’re left with the sight of two fools ministers of the Crown making buffoons of themselves over irrelevent matters elevated to state business.

12 Responses to “Because They Have Nothing Else To Do”

  1. They are a right couple, and no mistake. The thing is – it cries out for a caption, doesn’t it?


  2. At the top of the picture you can just see a pair of black legs dangling.

  3. "Elusive ‘Missing Link’ Finally Revealed To Be New Labour Ministers – Creationists Ponder Implications"

  4. "You’re talking, Balls"

  5. "Shouldn’t the rope be around their necks, rather than between their legs?"

    or perhaps;

    ‘Oliver and Hardy redux!’

  6. "Look Harriet – no flack-jackets on!"

  7. "British Space Program Milestone – British Astronauts Reach New Heights With Stronger Swing."

  8. Ernest,

    Love your first suggestion!

  9. They’re just practising for the expected huge swings they will experience at the next election.

  10. "Hardly guessed THIS was what you had in mind when you invided me down for a gay swinger event, Andy !"

  11. "With 4 years to go, the facilities for the London Olympics are already nearing completion."

    Seriously though, Pete’s main point is spot on, this country is absurdly micromanaged and over centralised.

  12. True – Cabinet ministers swinging on kiddies playthings for good publicity, how pathetically desperate can you get.