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If, as this man claims, he was told to target the Lawrence family, why has he only spoken out now?

Why not at the time of the MacPherson Enquiry? Why not at any time in the years after 1997? Is it just because he wants to sell some books?

Conspiracy; cock-up; or just plain lie?



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11 thoughts on “The un-asked question.

  1. As I have said elsewhere, most murders are committed by a member of the family or someone close to the family and as a result, it is standard police practice to look at the family and friends,. It takes very little effort to change “doing background checks” to “digging the dirt”, especially when you are trying to publicise a book.

  2. Mike,

    On reading four out of the first five posts on this page, I would suggest that the unasked question is :- “Where do we find and honest man?”…

  3. Conspiracy, cock – up or just plain lie?

    I don’t know but all three certainly happen in polocing.

    Watch this four part hour long documentary about a notorious gang of killers and let me know what conclusions you reach

  4. Thanks for that, Paul. I’d never heard of that documentary.

    Did you read Martin Dillon’s book on the subject?

    His conclusion is generally that the RUC in the area were overworked and under-staffed at the time.
    Yet the facts, even as Dillon presents them, suggest some other reason why the Butchers could operate for so long. There was a pile of evidence to link them to so many killings, yet the taxi they used, which was plastered inside and out with forensic clues, was never even inspected. But then after, in a moment of bravado, Murphy had fired a shot over an army checkpoint, he was promptly arrested.

    It reaches its all-time low when M is released from prison and the murders start again. The Body of a man who had been tortured horribly and murdered was found in the lane behind his house. There was literally a trail of broken teeth from the unfortnate man leading back into Murphy’s garden – yet Murphy still wasn’t even arrested!

  5. Yeah I read Dillon’s book, spine – chilling stuff.

    If you watch the doc Noel both victim’s families and journalists find it difficult to believe that the RUC did not know the identity of the gang. The Shankill population, journalists, Nationalists, the IRA – it seems that everyone knew who the culprits were except the cops.

  6. Paul,
    Back to square one then.
    Did you ever see that film “The NeverEnding Story”?

  7. Conspiracy; cock-up; or just plain lie?

    I thought were were talking about cops and alleged incompetence / corruption?

    Did you ever see that film “The NeverEnding Story”?

    Yeah, it’s about someone who gets carried away by a story they read in some book.

    Oh wait, that sounds familiar . . .

  8. Paul,
    I think you know what I am getting at.
    I like you. I respect you.
    You want Northern Ireland to become a part of the Republic, yes?
    If so, let’s move on a bit further.
    It’s happened. There is a totally united Ireland.
    All the Protestants have moved to the mainland, all the disillusioned Catholics (like yourself) are together. Your daughters are grown up and married. Your wife has heard all your stories a hundred times a hundred.
    What the Heck are you going to talk about?!
    Is this issue what defines you as a man: Northern Ireland and the injustices committed against your people?
    That’s it?
    Pretty sad, Paul.

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