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Pay no attention to these people, citizens!

Prominent (American) anti-islamist bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been banned from entering the UK by the Interior Ministry. Apparently their presence here would not be good for us. Pamela Geller is well known for her Atlas Shrugs site, Robert Spencer for Jihad Watch. Don’t go clicking those links, citizens, they’re not good for you!

You see how it works? Michael Savage is a conservative commentator and banned from entering the UK. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer oppose the islamicisation of the West, and they are banned too. Hey, they might have a point afterall. Meanwhile, in mosques up and down the land …

It’s unlikely that senior government functionaries knew about them, suggesting that lobbying has won out. Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs (edited – Ed) links to Jewish lobbying against them, and no doubt muslim groups did likewise. Keith Vaz, who always knows what’s best for the host, agrees with the exclusion order.

Citizens are reminded that terrorists hate us for our freedoms.


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  1. It’s a shame that they were going to support the EDL, but whatever happened to freedom of speech?

  2. All believers in free speech in the UK should contact the Home Office to protest against this decision and ask how it was arrived at. ATWers could help by looking for extremist Muslim websites that promote/incite hatred towards our own country and culture.

  3. This is astonishing.

    These people, like Michael Savage are actually friendly to British people, its culture, its traditions.

    You’re banning your friends now, after keeping the door open to your worst enemies for 25 years.

    Let me know how that works out.

  4. It is noted that this action is made under the government headed by one David Cameron, an alleged conservative, of the alleged Conservative Party.

    This won’t be the last of the restrictions of speech and travel to/from the United Kingdom.

    This is the beginning of the beginning, the first paragraph or the first page of Chapter One.

  5. Geller is an odious creature, but she’s no threat to the British state or people and ought to be allowed to travel, speak and sell her wares in the UK.

  6. Robert Spencer is guilty only of shining a bright light on the truth.

    Everyone in Britain should read his site every day.

  7. Yes. Spencer has no interest in the truth. He is a vile creature who spreads poison.

    “Congratulations to Hope Not Hate who appear to have succeeded in their campaign to stop two American extremists coming to the UK to stir up racial discord.” ~ Billy Bragg.

  8. Petr

    What don’t you like about Spencer?

    Serious question.

    Is it is focus or do you think that he has knowingly said any false things?

  9. I have often read posts in Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and do not recall anything which indicated hate, racism, fascism or an irrational fear of Islam. Many people call him names and threaten his life so that he is forced to live under high security, but I have never seen anyone cast doubt on his statements using facts and rational arguments.

    In a recent interview on BBC Asian radio, Robert talked rationally about the problems within Islam and responded to wild accusations from Nick Lowles from the organisation laughably calling itself “hope not Hate”. Nick could not substantiate any of his allegations but continued to spew plenty of hate.

    When Robert was asked to quote some passages from the Quran and Hadith which he believed to inspire extremism, he promptly did so, I think with related interpretations by Islamic scholars. The Imam invited on the program to give a counter view said that he had not come on the show to discuss such things but to say why Robert should not be allowed in the UK. When pressed by the presenter the Imam incredibly complained that Robert was an specialist.

    Unfortunately it seems that the Home Secretary has caved in very quickly to the hate mongers from the likes of “Hope not Hate” which would be more appropriately named “Hate not Hope”. To the best of my knowledge Robert has never called for the killing of other people simply because they disagree with him. Unfortunately for Robert the same cannot be said for some of his opponents.

    Why not allow him to speak in the UK and let people decide whether he is the evil person that he is portrayed as? I think it is because the government is afraid of violence from British citizens who object to free speech.

  10. I think it’s because he carries Geller’s black fish-net princess train like a total smitten fool.

    Petr, they should both be allowed entry and given free reign to speak. They’re not a danger to anyone. Let the people hear their opinions, then decide their value.

    Most folks are decent judges of hokey, self-promoting activists riding bent rails.

    Smells like you might be scared of this duo’s subversive powers of persuasion…

  11. Maybe some British citizens would try to burn London down if they dared allow them to enter.

  12. Tarasov –

    Said Billy Bragg, who left his native diversified London for mega-white Dorset.

  13. lol

    Sanctuary and refusal to deport known terrorists, while banning people for free speech.

    The English have died the death of political correctness.

  14. Westboro Baptists are banned from Canada because they just preach hate

    We survived

  15. Maybe the Geller/Spencer speaking tour are hoping just such a burning would happen.

    It would sure juke their anti-islam cred with certain audiences, maybe sell a few a more books and push their stale sell by dates back another twelve months.

    Seriously Phantom, I personally know a good dozen conservative bloggers in your backyard (a few quite famous) who know this woman one on one and none have a good opinion of her. They won’t say it on their blogs, except Ace of Spades, but they all say it privately and avoid Geller like the plague.

    She’s not the righteous truth teller you imagine her to be.

  16. I’ve read Jihad Watch a number of times. I’ve not heard its accuracy questioned, not even by Petr or by other presumed critics here.

    I suspect that some don’t like inconvenient facts

    Who will the conservative govt ban next?

    When will they start restricting speech of British citizens even more than now?

  17. Geert Wilders I see also cannot entrr the UK despite his EU nationality

    Is Ayaan Hirsi Ali allowed to visit Britain?

    These guys have a very long ” enemies list “?

  18. Every woman who turns a blind eye to Muslim extremism and condemns its critics implicitly supports female rape, genital mutilation, and wife battering. They betray their own sex.

  19. Like most bans it actually benefits the banned themselves, as it allows them to achieve an inflated status that they would otherwise be unlikley to achieve on their own (see for example Pussy Riot). It is a mistake.

  20. Even if it helps the banned, it deforms the society.

    Of the banned figures, I’d know Savage the best. And he is one who openly admires Britain and British values.

    He is critical of religion and of immigration. Why should these things get you banned ?

    Lazy thinkers will often mock the ” slippery slope ” argument. Well, just you watch how this Banned in Britain list gets ever longer.

    And if a supposedly conservative government will ban an EU citizen like Wilders, who says that they can’t restrict the inward or outward travel of UK citizens?

    Where are the British ” liberals ” on this? Are they criticizing this type of thing?

  21. ” Where are the British ” liberals ” on this? Are they criticizing this type of thing? ”

    The role of British liberals (like your mate Petr) is to attack the wealthy, the privileged, the conservative, the religious, and the existing oppressive order.
    They are very selective about the groups deserving of their support.
    However a blanket/universal support of freedom of speech is outside of their remit. Keffiyahs and scarves are considered “de rigueur” for any photo opportunities or interviews which might come their way. 😉

  22. ” You are several steps down a most dangerous path.”

    I am thinking about how to approach this. Which means if you are going to make a case for freedom of speech we must also show the inconsistencies in our Government’s position.
    I may start by contacting Theresa May by email.

  23. Britain led the way for the western world on freedom of speech issues

    But speech rights there are endangered by

    a) your atrocious and miserable libel laws, as noted.

    b) your government monitoring of ” offensive speech ” on the internet and elsewhere

    c) now, your banning of persons who are in no way hostile to Britain

    There seems to be a desire with b and c to shut down criticism of religion and immigration from bad places.

    Someone needs to confront the likes of your fake conservatives Cameron and the Theresa May who thought that Bill Bratton had nothing to contribute to the British police and ask them their views on speech, and if it is or is not permissible in the UK of today to make hard criticisms of religion or immigration.

  24. Agited –

    You must have a Tory MP. Tell him he’s required to protest and raise it in the Commons. If he supports the Home Office on this, you’ll lobby everyone you know to vote against him at the next election.

    Immigration is part of the problem. It’s been used – under the guise of race/community relations, to curtail our liberties.

    This alone is sufficient reason to oppose mass immigration. Anything with even the prospect of being used to limit our ancient English liberties is not acceptable.

  25. Pete and Phantom,
    I have sent an email to Theresa May now. I did toy with the idea of reprinting it here, but perhaps I will wait to receive a reply from her first.
    As my friend Edmund Burke said,
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (and Agit8ed)do nothing.”

    I hope other British ATWers will also contact either their MP or the Home Secretary.
    In fact the thought has just struck me Pete, I will send a copy of my email to my MP.
    Nice one.

  26. In fact I have just done so. I am not hopeful of a warm reception. I have upset the lady a few times now.
    But not on purpose, I hasten to add.

  27. With freedom comes responsibility.
    Geller is irresponsible with her freedom of speech.
    Ban her!

  28. One of the benefits of ATW is that every now and again you Colonials shame us Brits into action. (I am of course assuming that you American bloggers act on your own advice 🙂 )
    So from my limited town councillor experience I have found that you should always go to the top, and copy in other related officials. This tends to provoke a response, but usually they will try to buy you off with placatory and patronising platitudes.
    If that doesn’t work they apply the thumbscrews whilst the ravens peck your eyes out..
    So I reckon it will be at least two three days before my elected government officials deign to acknowledge my emails.
    If you really want to see what I wrote, you’ll have to ask me. 😉

  29. Free Speech is meaningless if someone can be banned simply for political or unpopular statements.

  30. pinky

    I can understand a country banning someone who hated the country. But I don’t think that she is at all hostile to the UK, any more than Michael Savage was.

    Why do you think that she should be banned?

  31. Hers is not political speech. Hers is hate speech- for profit.

    I also think Muslims of similar hate-filled leanings should be booted.

  32. Phantom,
    I told you earlier.
    British lefties and supporters of the Oppressed and Unheard are very selective about who merits their time and attention.
    We are a class ridden society still.
    Snobbery on the Right
    Inverted snobbery on the Left.
    Nothing to do with free speech.. 🙂

  33. Hate speech should be protected as free speech. If she was inciting/advocating violence that is another story.

  34. Can we have some of her ” hate speech ” quotes please, if that is what she has been doing?

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