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It’s another first for the UK, we are to become the FIRST country in the world to permit “the creation of babies using the DNA of three people”

The UK looks set to become the first country to allow the creation of babies using DNA from three people, after the government backed the IVF technique. It will produce draft regulations later this year and the procedure could be offered within two years. Experts say three-person IVF could eliminate debilitating and potentially fatal mitochondrial diseases that are passed on from mother to child.

The problem with science is that it has no morality and THAT has dangers inherent in it.  I’m with  Dr David King, the director of Human Genetics Alert, who points out:

“These techniques are unnecessary and unsafe and were in fact rejected by the majority of consultation responses. It is a disaster that the decision to cross the line that will eventually lead to a eugenic designer baby market should be taken on the basis of an utterly biased and inadequate consultation.”

One of the main concerns raised in the HFEA’s public consultation was of a “slippery slope” which could lead to other forms of genetic modification.

Rightly so. Just because we CAN do something does not mean we SHOULD do something.

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  1. Meanwhile. Cataract operations have been curtailed by the local Hywel Dda Heath Authority here in West Wales, protests regarding service provision at the periphery are being ignored and waiting lists are growing not shrinking. This is not what the people want.

  2. I am not opposed at all to IVF as a procedure (even though two of its results awoke me today at 5:00 am), but I would take pause at multiple contributors.

  3. Isn’t there some room for debate on the role of nature when making the decision whether to use this and other such techniques? Is this science, – as clever as it is, – better described as ‘evoluntionary engineering’ rather than as any sort of ‘medical advancement’?

    With the global population rising at an ever increasing rate the incidence of such abnormalities and maladies, is also bound to rise.

    That this type of genetically manipulative treatment it is but a step from a full-blown acceptance of what might be described as ‘hard core eugenics’, is something that also bear discussion.

    How long before it becomes more of a tool for governments than just a treatment for for our more ‘advanced’ societies to dabble with?

  4. While I am sure some contributors will laud the benefits of such procedures, I think we need to take stock, as David says, of how this could negatively affect children and, more importantly, where this is leading.

    There is a touch of the Brave New World about this and it have undertones of Eugenics.

  5. As the article says, (for those who bothered to read it), this procedure would mean faulty genes could be replaced with healthy ones enabling mothers who would otherwise give birth to deformed children the opportunity to have a healthy baby.

  6. ” As the article says, (for those who bothered to read it), this procedure would mean faulty genes could be replaced with healthy ones enabling mothers who would otherwise give birth to deformed children the opportunity to have a healthy baby.”

    I appreciate what you are saying. In my family background on one side there is a history of asthma and eczema. I was introduced to both not long after making my debut into this bittersweet world of pain and anguish, beauty and opportunity.

    Would I have rather NOT had them?
    Of course.
    As a Christian I believe that sickness and disease and death entered the world through the disobedience of our first parents.
    “Yes, I mean YOU, Mr and Mrs Adam!”

    But, and but..
    Our doctors and scientists work away at curing people and alleviating pain and suffering. We all look for cures, for no one should suffer unnecessarily..

    But is it ethically right to start using all kinds of other people’s cells and manipulating this and that, so that we might be whole?
    What happens to humanity, to the qualities of compassion and care and lessons learnt through adversity and suffering?
    I think being truly human is more than being physically perfect, and that whilst illness and deformity should be fought, it should not be at the cost of our humanity and diversity.

    I would recommend a book, “Whatever happened to the Human Race?” by Francis Schaeffer and Dr. Everett Koop, former Surgeon in Chief to the Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia.

  7. normal IVF is a blessing one I’m sure Mahons can give testimony too. To be able to help a couple conceive is truly a blessing.

    This is not IVF this is gene manipulation for eugenics. That is a very dangerous step.

    What genes are faulty? The genes that make you White, make you Black ? I know we can make sure that all children have blond hair, blue eyes. Grow up big and strong. Become the superior race… haven’t we heard this all before?

    The development of gene technology should go in one direction and one direction only. When your heart goes bad, or Kidney etc etc. The dream is to be able to take the individuals own DNA and grow them a replacement part.

    Any manipulation or weeding out of traits will eventually be corrupted to create a better man/woman. It’s playing God, and always ends badly.

    The diversity in the gene pool is what makes us individuals. Our defects define us. If a child is malformed right or wrong a mother has a choice to keep or abort.

    This type of procedure is just stupid. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

  8. as for books, movies, history… I recommend you read Frankenstein, or watch Star Trek and the character Kahn, or the people who would venture down this path to see the danger look to Davros the creator of the Daleks. Real life history is even easier look to Hitler.

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