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Canadians in the High River area of Alberta – many already “irate” at not being able to return to their homes after massive flooding last week – were shocked to learn late Thursday that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have seized a “large quantity of firearms” from their evacuated houses.

RCMP Sergeant Patricia Neely said that “Firearms that were unsafely stored in plain sight were seized for safekeeping,” but Sgt. Brian Topham told the National Post that officers forced their way into many of the homes because of “urgent need.”

“We just want to make sure that all of those things are in a spot that we control, simply because of what they are,” Sgt. Topham said. “People have a significant amount of money invested in firearms … so we put them in a place that we control and that they’re safe.”

They will be returned to residents with proof of ownership after the evacuation order — which is now into its eighth day — is lifted, authorities say.

Business owner Brenda Lackey told the Globe and Mail: “Now what they’re doing is looking for firearms and ammunition.  How do they have the right to do that? What does that have to do with the disaster?  …This is martial law.  What has happened to our country?”

The Conservative Prime Minister’s office has said in an email to the National Post that it believes the guns will be returned as soon as possible, and that “the RCMP should focus on more important tasks such as protecting lives and private property.”

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30 thoughts on “Oh Canada…

  1. Why do Canadians or anyone for that matter, need guns in their own home?

  2. I thought that Kanada was some Nazi Germany that doesn’t allow Duh People to have arsenals in the kintergardens the way that NRA occupied Ameica allows it.

  3. Canadians in the High River area of Alberta – many already “irate” at not being able to return to their homes after massive flooding last week

    How ironic that the land governed by a fossil-fuel loving government gets hit hard by global weirding.

  4. The tyranny of a government breaking into anyones home, without warrant or cause rates very little concern….


  5. Weapons in the open, in plain sight, are a good cause for police tomsecure them, in a special situation like this . They will be returned

    No need to get all terrified and legalistic.

    Canadians are a lot more calm and logical than Amurikans on this little pop gun thingie

  6. Troll –

    I said that you have to eb careful of looters, and this is what they are. Magic uniforms don’t change the act.

    It’s interesting that you speak of “the tyranny of a government breaking into anyones home, without warrant or cause”, yet you support your government breaking into your computer and telephone messges, without warrant or cause. Those messages are just as much your property as are your guns and wallets as anythng else the Mounties stole.

  7. you see that is where we disagree. There is just cause to monitor all communication.

  8. Phantom the weapons weren’t in plain site. They used registration lists to target the houses and broke in and stole their guns.

  9. Troll –

    As someone has said in these here parts, a registration system is the first step to confiscation. Any attempts to establish one should be resisted.

  10. The Canadians are more sophisticated and a million times less frightened than you.

    You don’t see them freaking out.

  11. Phantom read the story THEY ARE FREAKING OUT. The have been violated, they’ve freaked out about it so much that the Prime Ministers Office has had to respond publicly that the RMCP were WRONG and that all would get their guns back.

  12. Phantom you have a view that guns are evil. You are entitled to that view. Contrary to what you believe the rest of North America in the majority don’t feel that way, and it’s not a small majority.

    Do you know your history… lets see.

    When the famous ride of Paul Revere took place the Cry was “The British are Coming” do you know what they were coming to do? Do you know what the order was for the British Troops? It was the last straw. It caused the beginning of open hostilities between the Colonies and Britain.

    The order was to confiscate the peoples guns.

  13. I don’t think guns are evil

    I don’t feel that they should be banned either.

    I do think that they and other highly dangerous instruments should be regulated .

  14. they are regulated. They are one of the worlds most regulated products. Who makes them, who can sell them, who can buy them. All these things are under the strictest regulations.

    I sell guns everyday, I have to run background checks on every person that wishes to buy one. The manufacturer has to have a background profile and govt clearance on every company they sell to. We have to keep records of every gun bought or sold in perpetuity.

    Saying they need to be regulated is a display that you really don’t grasp the subject.

  15. Do all sales in the 50 states have to involve a background check incl in the massive gun show industry?

    Do all gun owners in the 50 states have to pass gun safety and marksmanship class?

    Answer carefully.

    You guys are very fond of partial and misleading answers. As in the above.

  16. it’s a trick question and not the issue.

    First off every gun sold in ALL 50 States by a Licensed dealer the person purchasing the firearm has to go through a Federal background check. Gun shows included.

    No all gun owners do not have to pass a safety and marksman test.

  17. The problem with firearms Phantom is not those of us obeying the massive requirements of the laws and regulations, it is the lack of prosecution of the criminals.

    Have to go, (time to sell some guns) I will continue this tonight if you’d like.

  18. That is a deceptive and uninformed answer.

    Clinton would be proud of it, a what is is answer.

    Almost half of purchasers never go through any background check.

    Many states have zero safety or markmanship training requirement.

    There never has been effective, national regulation of purchasing or ownership

  19. bull you can’t buy a gun from a licensed dealer in the US without a background check, and the number of 50% that you state is ridiculous Propaganda. The numbers don’t add up.

    You speak of uninformed, yet this is the industry I work in as a Licensed individual. That would be like me telling you that your uninformed about underwriting compared to me.

  20. For the benefit of those, esp those outside the US, who may have an interest in the US gun mess

    Troll probably knows about as much about US gun laws as he knows about European politics, but he does know enough to make the Bill Clinton precise yet evasive answer that you see above. He says that ” you can’t buy a gun from a licensed dealer [ anywhere ] in the US without a background check ” Which is true.

    But our slippery informant chooses to conceal the fact that you do -NOT- need to be a ” lcensed dealer ” to sell a firearm at a ao called ” gun show ” .

    In numerous states, including Virginia, you can easily, legally, and quickly buy a gun from a stranger for cash without going through any background check at all. You don’t know the law ( of a very nearby state ) or you are lying.

    I will be willing to make a substantial wager that I can buy a gun in Virginia in one hour, legally, at a gun show there in July 2013 without undergoing any background check.

    Put up, or shut up.

  21. “In numerous states, including Virginia, you can easily, legally, and quickly buy a gun from a stranger for cash without going through any background check at all.”

    Apparently so, and thank God for that. Every American should take advantage of it, to have arms which the government doesn’t know about.

  22. Phantom your obnoxious and a teller of falsehoods. I sell guns for a living. You know I do, I have to know the laws. I have an FFL license which is not easy to get and I guarantee that I know them better than you. Except you want to sell your falsehoods and propaganda as if your an authority, when in reality on this topic your the most uninformed person on this site.

    You know you don’t have to leave NY to buy a gun legally and not have a background check. There are NO LAWS preventing one citizen from selling to another without a background check except in your state. It is also an unenforceable law.

    One of the main reasons is such a transaction can not be policed or monitored. The people you would purchase a gun at a gunshow from without having a background check are your fellow citizens. NOT Licensed dealers.

    If you want to ilimminate the so called “gun show loophole” it’s quite simple. Make it illegal for anyone but Licensed dealers to sell at gunshows.

    Even that would not stop someone from selling a gun on their own. Even if you passed a law saying non-licensed people couldn’t sell their own guns like NY, how would you police it? You can’t.

    The issue with gun crime is that criminals aren’t prosecuted for using a gun, so what incentive is there for them to stop?

  23. In your highly belligerant way, you have conceded that I was correct. I invite all here to read this thread in reverse order.

    I was prepared to make a $10,000 ( plus expenses ) wager even up that I could buy a pistol without a background check in Virginia. That offer stands.

    You have made repeated ( ahem ) ” falsehoods ” on this subject


    they are regulated. They are one of the worlds most regulated products. Who makes them, who can sell them, who can buy them. All these things are under the strictest regulations

    How can gun sales be ” under the strictest regulations ” when any of us can drive a few miles to Virginia and legally buy a gun with cash from a stranger, with no records kept by anybody?

    It’s a joke, regulations that anyone can easily elude.

  24. And here I am not making the case for gun regulation

    I here only show here that the current regulation is an absolute sieve, easily eluded by anyone

  25. Phantom you pomp and fluff with a false pride. You see not the very folly of your own statements.

    You claim that because two people can conduct a transaction that the government can’t stop that more regulation to stop such transactions is needed. I ask you once again how can you police a private sale of anything?

    Firearms sales are under the strictest regulations, your refusal to acknowledge that trying to restrict private sales in a folly is the argument of a fool.

    Just as only a doctor can subscribe drugs and only a Pharmacist can sell them to people with a subscription doesn’t stop the sell of drugs it does not mean that drugs aren’t also under the strictest regulations.

    As any liberal you deal from a point of emotion not fact or result. Pat yourself on the shoulder. It has as much effect in making you correct as repeating your nonsense.

    You are incapable of anything but feel good platitudes on this topic.

    The maniac that killed those kids in Ct. violated over 17 Laws and 20 regulations. None of them stopped a single child from dying.

  26. The Gun Show Industry is huge. There are at least 2000 of them every year in the US.

    Here are some of them


    They’re out in the open, a coast to coast hotbed of ” no questions asked , no records kept ” cash only sales between strangers.

    If you have any more questions about gun regs in PA or the USA let me know.

  27. yes the soothsayer who has no grasp of the difference between a private sale and a Licensed sale will fill you all in on his vast knowledge on a topic that he has no clue about, and no integrity to admit.

    He will gladly give you all the lunatic propaganda he can muster.. lol

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