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In the spirit of Absolut, Tom McMahon created the following map:absolutworld2.png

This map is spoofing a recent ad campaign launched by Absolut vodka,  created by Teran/TBW.  This “edgy” campaign sought to “erase the borders” in our minds. The campaign succeeded in angering many Americans; the photo spread for the Mexican market fulfilled the Mexican Reconquista’s fantasy. It showed a map where Western borders between the US and Mexico had been erased; Western US was pictured as the Northern part of Mexico.

I wasn’t angry when I saw the map.  But I was curious…if America was ever absorbed into corrupt and ineffective Mexico, what would indigent Mexicans do?  Where would they go for free medical care, schooling for their children and employment opportunity?

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30 thoughts on “Spirit of Absolut

  1. I think the Mexican Advertising Industry has got a way to go before they would catch up to our offensive portrayals of Mexicans in our advertising.

  2. The Mexicans are not the enemy here. Its the Swedes.

    Which brings to mind the great Norse epic

    Through the Weeds
    Ran A Thousand Swedes
    By One Norwegian

  3. Don’t forget: there’s no such thing as ‘reconquista’. Noel Cunningham and Mahons say so.

    But in any case neither will want to. The Hispanic people in the US, who certaintly aren’t all Mexican anyway, are obviously more than happy to be there and would be the last people to try to undermine their own constitutional security. Mexico, for its part, does not have any territorial ambitions in this regard. You are living in a 19th C territorial mindset. "reconquista" is just a word bandied about at times to revive a jaded audience.

    Sunday, April 6, 2008 at 11:34PM | Noel Cunningham

    Thanks, Noel, you answered that perfectly.

    Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at 04:18PM | Mahons

  4. Hey, Charles, quick, over here.

    Look, A@A is at it again!!

    Be afraid, be very afraid … I mean …

    ¡Esté asustado, esté muy asustado!

  5. Allan: The Rio Grande isn’t large enough to prevent Mexicans from crossing over every day , but I am thankful the Atlantic is wide enough to keep people from Aberdeen crossing in every day.

    The idea of "Reconquista" however farfetched is of course an existing one, the reality of it happening is of course zero.

  6. Now don’t get me wrong, we got a hellofalotta Mescans here. They just don’t want us to join Mexico. Did you read about the Mexican Police Chief who fled to US seeking asylum?. It’s so lawless and corrupt in Mexican border towns the mexican army has been sent in.

    Mahons, I don’t know how people form Aberdeens English is, but if I can correctly order from Mcdonalds with them, let’em on in!

  7. Back to Swede bashing, I just want to quote this from an old Mark Steyn article:

    "Sweden’s Goran Persson wants to build up the EU because it’s ‘one of the few institutions we can develop as a balance to US world domination’. Sweden was famously relaxed about Nazi world domination and Soviet world domination, but sometimes there are threats so monstrous that even in Stockholm you have to get off the fence."

  8. Chalres: Upon reading that sentence they might argue their English is at least as good as yours, but you wouldn’t have an easy time understanding them (or they you). However, McDonald’s at least sounds Scottish so it might be a good fit.

  9. Mahons,

    As you are well aware, here in America, McDonald’s is a Kroc!

  10. Ummm…for a moment (as I first skim-read the article) I thought that the above image was, itself, the advert for Absolut vodka, and I was preparing to sound off about how utterly crude and inappropriate it is. Then I realised that it’s someone else’s ironic response to another advert, which I haven’t seen.
    But still, I think that analogies to the events of WW2 are often misleading and can serve to demonise whole countries quite unfairly. So, Sweden (ie, politicians in Sweden, not the citizens) during WW2 were rather gutless, and switched sides in order to save their skins. Alright. They’re not the only country to have ever done so.
    We should judge countries’ actions during WW2 in the context of fear and loathing in Europe that pervaded at that time, and not in the context of present attitudes and conditions, which are completely different to how things were back then. Leave Sweden alone: No country involved in WW2 acted like angels all the time; we were all forced to revert to hard measures. It’s just as easy to criticise Britain’s carpet-bombing of Dresden: looking through today’s eyes it was a monstrous act against innocent civilians. But you have to look at it with "1940’s" eyes to understand why it was deemed necessary at that time. Context is everything.

  11. Tom: You are too kind to the Swedes. I undertand their need to remain neutral better than I do their desire to remain neutral.

  12. When I was backpacking through Europe, there were a bunch of Americans in the rail car as it crossed the invisible border into Norway from Sweden. Upon seeing the first Norwegian flag, a bunch of us started to applaud spontaneously.

  13. Mahons, could you elaborate there? It’s not that I disagree, it’s merely that being not all that good on history, I don’t understand what you meant by your above point, and if I’ve called it wrong above, I’d welcome some education on the matter. Ta.

  14. The Swedes did give us Abba – and Agnetha in particular, by way of reparations.

  15. War-time Sweden also gave the world Raoul Wallenberg – one of the most noble heroes of that terrible period.

  16. Phantom –

    That was very rude to the Swedes. Shame on you. Tsk.

    David Vance –

    I agree with you on nearly all things, but you’re in error there. Agnetha was a fine fillie, but the brunette chick had the class.

  17. Tom: I have to take issue with the way the Swedes played their neutrality. Obviously their location made both Germany and The Soviet union real and present dangers for them. However, the Swedes seemed to profit a bit more than necessary as I recall, though Noel is right that they produced one of the outstanding humans of the time. I’ll have to refresh my recollection a bit more to give you the full story (as seen through my eyes at least).

  18. –The Swedes did give us Abba–

    I was all set to forgive them until you mentioned that

  19. Tom: Absolut vodka is a Swedish product. The same Swedish product that chooses to advertise by erasing the border between Mexico and California a la Reconquista and then runs this promotion in Mexico.

    As long as the Swedes promote Absolut in this fashion they are fair game for spoofing.

    "Imagine there’s no country. No religion, too. Nothing to live or die for. Imagine all the people living for the day. hey. hey.. etc. etc.


  20. OK, Patty, I am aware of the brand Absolut, although I hadn’t seen the adverts in question.
    It’s not "the Swedes" who are running this campaign, it’s a private advertising company acting for their client. Advertising companies are not known for their moral scruples, in general. That doesn’t mean to say that Sweden as a country endorses this advertisement. So I think there’s no need for any sort of political response, just a condemnation of the advertising agency responsible for this rubbish.

  21. Tom Tyler: To be fair, I think the Swedish company is owned by an American company. So, you’re right.

    But, if the shoe fits, wear it. This parody holds truth and is effective for that reason.

  22. Patty

    My beloved wikipedia tells me:

    "Absolut Vodka is a Swedish brand of vodka, produced near Åhus, Scania, in southern Sweden. In March 2008 the Swedish government, owner of Absolut through its V&S Group, sold Absolut to the French firm Pernod Ricard."

    So, its owned by a company domiciled in one collaborator nation and distilled on the soil of another. A double play of sorts.

  23. OK so we have a Russian product produced by a Swedish firm owned by a French company which uses an American agency to advertise it’s product in Mexico , making a controversial Ad. which is now being debated on a British blog by Americans, Brits and Irish commenters.

    "I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony….

  24. "I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony….

    should read

    "I’d like to teach the world to kvetch in perfect harmony….

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