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I want to know how many doctorsnnurses will be sent to prison once convicted?

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will condemn up to ten NHS hospital trusts as ‘failed regimes’ this week as a damning report reveals thousands of patients are still dying needlessly.  A major review of patient safety will find that as many as 21 hospitals are  still failing the most critically ill people – especially the elderly and emergency cases – four years after the Mid Staffs scandal claimed hundreds of lives. On Tuesday Mr Hunt will tell Parliament that up to ten of 14 hospital trusts investigated over high death rates require urgent action.

Still, it’s the envy of the world…???


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  1. It gets worse and worse.

    13,000 died needlessly at 14 worst NHS trusts

    The needless deaths of thousands of NHS patients will be exposed in a report this week.

    The NHS’s medical director will spell out the failings of 14 trusts in England, which between them have been responsible for up to 13,000 “excess deaths” since 2005.

    Prof Sir Bruce Keogh will describe how each hospital let its patients down badly through poor care, medical errors and failures of management, and will show that the scandal of Stafford Hospital, where up to 1,200 patients died needlessly, was not a one-off.

    That’s just fourteen of them. For goodnesss sake, do everything you possibly can to avoid these human abattoirs.

  2. I know that you guys hate questions like this, but:

    Have you studied how other nations do health care, so that can make informed comparisons?

    If so,,which country in your most educated opinion comes closest to ” getting it right ” ?

  3. This excess death measure is a statistical measure which compares to the average *across the NHS*. The NHS has, by definition, 0 excess deaths (because other areas do *better* than average).

    So for those who are so quick to condemn and call for people to go to prison:

    Firstly are you willing to bet that your own actions aren’t resulting in the ‘needless deaths’ of people compared to the behaviour of the best people in the country?

    Because I wouldn’t be so fucking sure if I were you.

  4. All large hospital systems have deaths that might have been prevented. Many lives could be saved if all doctors and nurses wahed their hands more often, which they don’t do because they forget or do not feel like it.

    This is a subject that this superb little book, written by a Bostonsurgeon, goes into

    Our friends are not thinking this through. They’re reading stuff from the tabloids that reinforce preexisting opinion, saying ” ho ho ho ” then reprinting it. Thats not helpful.

  5. Have you studied how other nations do health care, so that can make informed comparisons?


    Of course not. This is an ideological crusade, not a fact based argument.

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