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Just to let you folks know that Channel 4 News carried an excerpt from ATW yesterday on this item on surgery for obese children! As you can see, our "tell it like we see it" approach does carry at least a degree of freshness and media interest!

I’m also reminding those who can tune in that I will be appearing on BBC’s "Hearts and Minds" political TV programme this evening. It’s broadcast on BBC2 NI @ 7.30pam and BBC NI @ 11.30pm. I’m off to record my contribution this afternoon – look upon it as MY Christmas message to the political class.

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye…! 

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22 thoughts on “ATW ON CHANNEL 4 AND THE BBC!

  1. Of course, David they could have stopped much earlier in their summary and summed up ATW perfectly… ‘A tangled Web is not so sympathetic’

    Says it all really! πŸ˜‰

  2. "Thanks to cable telly I can get BBC Norn Irn.

    I’ll watch at 11.30 if I’m still awake. "

    Me too I have already set the channel to change.

  3. Ill miss it unfortunately..still in work..work late the last 3 weeks… Celtic tiger my butt.

    Looking forward to the Video blog.

  4. Me too. Well done. I certainly enjoyed it better than what is on now.

    There is a cosy wee bit with some creature from SF and that vile Ervine is now on, talking about how we tell themuns from us.

    I wonder which of them will be first on to celebrity big brother.


  5. I can watch it but not hear it as I, ahem, somehow managed to remove the audio capability from my Computer when fiddling with a registry cleaner πŸ˜‰
    But I think they also do transcripts ?

  6. Peter

    Confession I was going to write that but any attempt to spell it didn’t look right. Although as my spelling is pretty mediocre anyway shouldn’t worry me. I am constrained in terms of what I write as I often ca’t spell what I want to say, so I often have to think of alternatives words that mean more or less the same but which there is more of a chance of me spelling it, if not properly, at least so that there is a chance of it being understood.

    Other advantage of watching H&M apart from seeing David, is that I get to top up my accent. Although there needs to be more Fermanagh folk on it. ;o)

  7. Tom

    Yeah David beat Alan Mc Farland. It was all over when he potted that pink. ;0)


    Not sure. It came across as a standard NI accent but probably EotB

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