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We were subjected, once again, to a storm of the usual medical propaganda this evening over the never-ending theme of organ transplants. ITV news, BBC News; all the same, the rota of people who are waiting for transplants; or a few of the 4,000-odd who have received an organ, were paraded across our screens to remind reprove us that we are not doing enough, and we all should do more, to relieve the needy ones who still wait for a transplant.

I honestly get rather tired with the constant dribble of medical propaganda about either a) how selfish we all are by not immediately signing up on a donor list, or b) why we are not joining the swelling chorus to alter the donor scheme so that our bodies are, upon our presumed oncoming death, immediately to be plundered by a team of medical scavengers who will use all our body parts for those who are in need.

I would just ask ATW readers to remember that the whole scheme is called the organ ‘DONOR’ register. A donation is, the last time I checked, a gift given willingly; something which has been given freely and without any extra pressure. Not something which is ‘presumed’ to be available! Not something which has been taken, by force, in line with a Government diktat, because the ‘queue’ is far too long!

If you wish your body parts and organs to be used as donations, fair enough; otherwise, leave us be!

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