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I suppose British society has been defined in terms of social strata as working class, middle class and upper class. But there is a NEW class, it is the non working class.

Some 3.5 million families with at least one person aged 16 to 64 don’t have a single person doing any work. In some parts of the UK a quarter of homes have nobody in employment, the Office for National Statistics figures show. It came as a benefits cheat was told yesterday she could face jail for swindling state hand-outs of more than £94,000.Cleo Embley, 36, continued claiming income support, council tax benefit and housing benefit for four years – even though she had a long-term partner. That meant she was getting an average £23,500 a year from the taxpayer to which she was not entitled. The latest statistics show the north-east of England still has the highest percentage of workless households at 23 per cent, while the south-east with 13 per cent has the lowest.

There is a name for these non-working families. They are CORE Labour voters! Only welfare allows this to happen and we lack the bottle to turn that tap off. So we can look forward to more of these non-working families, living off the fat of the taxpayer land.

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