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Dunno who she is, but she’s hot! Some chick called Alyssa Milano filmed herself having a bit of slap n tickle. Unfortunately for her the tape has leaked out and, well, it’d be rude not to appreciate her charms, eh?


I told you. As soon as Congress was brought in to bless the intention to murder a bunch of Syrians, I told you the propaganda would be thick.

“You might learn a thing or two about Syria” if you watch it, claims the HuffPo. I’d suggest the intention is for people to learn this PSYOPs script instead.

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10 thoughts on “HOT! ALYSSA MILANO SEX TAPE!

  1. you were all glued to the mirror….

    The sad thing is I know the show that the guy who puts the sea weed on his head is from….

  2. I told you the propaganda would be thick.

    But not even close to how thisk those are that are taken in by that propaganda

    Alyssa Milano .. Err okay, it would be the best 10 seconds she has ever had 😉

  3. Thisk? thick even.

    Thisk is a horse racing course… I think !

    Second thoughts..

    Maybe it’s .. Thirsk

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