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Check this out (the sound is a touch out of synch with the pictures) –

They’re paying people just in case someone in America speaks Bantu but not English. Can you imagine how inefficient Obamacare’s going to be? Can you imagine the costly mess coming down the line? And they’re not even past the phone call yet.

Bob Wenzel reports that Sakhaat is the 138th most spoken language in the world, at 145th is Gan, and in at 150th is something called Mingrelian, which sounds like it’s from Star Trek. Come to think of it, you can probably order your Obamacare in Klingon!

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  1. The call centers should only use English, except in Puerto Rico, where Spanish should be available.

    It’s the immigrant’s job to learn the language of the host country, the last time I looked?

  2. Fear through prejudice eats the soul and destroys the potential for embracing albeit reluctantly, the good.

  3. Replacing smaller state insurance monopolies with one huge federal government insurance monopoly was always such a wonderfully pragmatic solution to pricey healthcare costs. 😉

  4. National insurance in the UK is a complete con, the only insurance policy in the universe where the lower your risk, the more you have to pay and the less your benefits.

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