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On my ipod this weekend, here’s what I’m listening to….over and over and over. It’s that good. Preston Pohl, from a a tiny town in Texas blew the judges away when he auditioned for the Voice with his version of MGMT’s song “Electric Feel.”

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10 thoughts on “Preston Pohl’s Electric Feel

  1. I can’t play it either, just see this dude who looks like a cross between Buddy Holly and the young Elton John.

  2. Thank you so much Colm!

    Ignoring The Voice visuals (chairs turning, Christina Aquilar tapping her fingers etc.), what do you think???

    Does he not have a great voice and musicality?? Don’t mince words – tell me what you really think.

  3. I switched out the link, btw – put in Colm’s (thank you, Colm). I have no idea why some links are good, some not. David, Pete, Troll seem to have no problem uploading music for everyone regardless of viewer location.anyone?

  4. //Troll seem to have no problem uploading music for everyone regardless of viewer location.//

    Patty, I can almost never view Troll’s videos. It used to be about 1 in 10 before I stopped trying.

    This is a good song and he sings very well, but it’s hardly original (song and singing style).
    At any rate, it’s totally spoiled by all those eegits with their whooping and pathos. Reminds me of some evangelican church meeting, where members of the congregation cheer on the preacher as he speaks. I detest the whole Voice format.

  5. Thanks for not mincing words, Noel. Seriously.

    I disagree with your world-weary take on this of course.

    Preston’s cover is “original” — he took MGMT’s psychedelic, Indie version – which was great – and transformed it into an R&B growling, sexual cover that rocks.

    The Voice is one of the few shows I watch – I think it’s highly entertaining – so I guess we’ll just have to add that to our differences in opinion.

  6. It’s a good version of a great song.

    On a wider note I absolutely detest television shows like The Voice, X Factor etc. I yearn for the days when singers & groups earned their spurs by playing in dingy sweaty dives until they acquired a record contract.

    Shows like this only remind me that music / media execs are now in ‘Complete Control’ of what should be an art form and that makes me sad.

  7. This reminds me of the Bonzo Dog track: “Can blue men sing the whites or are they hippo-crites”.

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