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When is someone going to frame an honest question or make an honest statement?

If you have been listening to the news out of the US (as if it could be avoided) you would think that the US is less than 10 days from defaulting on it’s debt.  What a load of crap.

The US Government takes in revenues of 3 times the amount to service our debt. That is to pay our creditors, pay our military, pay the current level of Social Security, and to fund the cost of daily operations payroll and utilities.  The problem is that our Politicians then spend 6 times that amount on “other things”.

By law the Government must pay our creditors first, so when is a Reporter going to ask a question that is not framed within this lie of default? Answer never.  There are no reporters, there are only “Journalists” people that fill the print and airways with as little fact as possible surrounded by spin and color.

The question they should be asking is “When is the Government going to cut spending, instead of just upping the Limit on it’s credit card” I am sure that when that question is asked by the press, that will be the day the planet is struck by a planet killer meteor.

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2 thoughts on “I hate the Press

  1. Dear America. I saw the solution to your problems on cable TV last night. It went a bit like this….

    Problem debts? Unable to meet your obligations? Outgoings bigger then your income? Bad Credit history?

    Why not consolidate your debts into one low low easy payment.

    Come on down to Wacky Willy’s World of Finance. The boss left early and gave me the keys to the safe. Come on down and take advantage of me. Just a one off admin fee of 49.95 We’re at the corner of I5 and Rural Route 9..come on down….

    H/t Rich Hall.

    So Pres Do-Nuttin off on another Golfing Holiday yet?

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