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121030_Jack-o'-lanternHappy Halloween. One of my favorite holidays. Tonight the veil lifts. Stay warm and cozy locked in your house warded from all things that go bump, or dress in costume and party the night away. It is the one night of the year we send our children to strangers homes to get candy.

Just remember not all those wandering around are in costume…..




Enjoy your night

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9 thoughts on “Festival of Samhain

  1. It is the one night of the year we send our children to strangers homes to get candy

    A boy came home from trick & Treat with a chair under one arm and a sofa under the other, his mum shouted at him, I thought i told you not to accept suites from strangers.

    I know, i know , i am heading for the door as we speak, i will get my hat and coat on the way out.

  2. I used to have three airline stewardesses staying in a cottage near me, i used to hate Halloween evening, what with them usually drunk knocking on my door and dressed as naughty witches 😉

    It was the eye bleach afterwards .. it really hurt.

    I still wake up in a cold sweat at times.

  3. Happy Samhain (or Calan Gaeaf, Kalan Gwav, Kalan Goañv or vetrnætr depending where you are) to pagans. I’ll be out burning stuff to welcoming the dark spirits, which of course exist.

    If I happen across any trick or treating kiddies (or whatever the yokels call it in these here parts) they can certainly have a treat … if they can guess what’s buried under the house.

  4. if they can guess what’s buried under the house.

    Well if it’s an old burial ground, it could be Indians 😉

    Red Indians that is not Bangladeshis or Punjabis and suchlikes.

  5. Troll

    Handing out letters to fat children .. in America

    She will be there for quite some considerable amount of time 😉

  6. she’s just evil…. what kind of person even comes up with a thought to do something like that?

  7. One of the righteous Troll

    The UK is full of them

    First they came for the smokers
    I said nothing I did not smoke
    Then they came for the drinkers
    I said nothing even though I drink
    Then they came for the salt abusers
    I still said nothing even though i like salt
    Then they came for the fatties
    I am not fat but someone has to say something

    Who or what is next?

    When are we going after the righteous that’s what I want to know.

    Because they won’t stop .. ever

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